GASPORT, N.Y -- Logos Capital Systems, a professional collection agency, continues its support of the local  Western NY community throughout the summer. While summer often brings recreation and renewal, Logos executives know that life’s challenges and hardships tend not to pause for the seasons. That’s why the Monthly Charity Initiative has remained ongoing and in full effect. In total, ten organizations received charitable donations from Logos during the months of June and July.


Employee Engagement in Giving

Donation recipients are chosen by top-performing employees each month. “This is one way we try to listen to our team and actively demonstrate our value for their voices and hearts. As a company with a charity-oriented mission, we think it’s important to align and allow our team to take part in a meaningful way,” says John Verbocy, President of Logos Capital Systems. 


Local or Urgent Needs

Employee picks for June and July donations included the New York State Police, Niagara County Sheriffs, World Central Kitchen, Cerebral Palsy Foundation, Matt Urban Center, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Food for the Hungry, Wildlife Trafficking Alliance, Queen City Pitties Animal Rescue, and Middleport Fire Department. The team at Logos is deeply rooted in the local community and strives to keep an overall focus on local or urgent needs. While some of the organizations named above may be more self-explanatory, below are details about why the team has chosen these organizations and the positive impact they have.


Logos Capital Systems Supports Local Heroes

This summer, Logos Capital Systems donated to local first responders of all types in appreciation of all that they do to help create safer neighborhoods and stronger communities. The New York State Police have been working with tremendous challenges and continuing to serve with courage and dedication in the face of adversity. The Logos team knows that their communities are better with the presence of the Niagara County Sheriffs and wanted to show direct support for their services. The team also chose to support a local volunteer fire department, the Middleport Fire Department of Niagara County. 


Creating Healthier Tomorrows

The Cerebral Palsy Foundation brings together top medical experts, research, innovations, and institutions to help raise awareness and understanding of CP, including how to use interventions to effectively improve the lives of those affected. Cerebral Palsy is the most common motor disability in childhood, yet outcomes vary widely. There are varying types and presentations unique to each patient, but interventions and adaptive tools can have profound positive impacts. One key obstacle to this can be the lack of the most current research and access to the right resources at the right times. This is the intersection where the Foundation seeks to effect change and transform lives and Logos employees hope the donation can further their mission.

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention exists to save lives and support those considering or affected by suicide. Having felt the impacts of loved ones struggling with suicide, Logos Capital Systems is an active supporter of the foundation. Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the US. Research has proven that suicide is highly linked to mental health conditions, poor coping skills, and low impulse control-- all of which are often related to treatable underlying brain conditions and can often be successfully helped with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and medication management. The Foundation provides statistics, research, resources, and local chapters for survivors, supporters, and researchers to drive meaningful change in mental health and save lives. 


Humanitarian Efforts

The donation to Food for the Hungry, an international organization, will aid in the organization’s efforts to end extreme poverty and provide basic essential resources such as food, clean water, seeds/farming tools, and healthcare. The nonprofit provides sponsorship opportunities to help feed hungry children in extremely impoverished and undernourished areas of the world. International staff members serve in their countries of origin as boots on the ground to help provide communities with increased resources and education to overcome extreme challenges to health and wellness. 

The Matt Urban Center (MUC) is located in Buffalo, NY, and is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Its mission is to “provide programs that revitalize neighborhoods, serve families, and change lives.” Its Hope Center is one of the primary outreach arms of the center’s service focuses. It was chosen from the desire to help local neighbors in need by supporting The Hope Center's focus on emergency rental assistance, homeless outreach, practical job training, and a free dinner program. The MUC also provides homebuyer programs and various housing support programs as well as services for seniors, youth, and families. 

The summer charity initiative included a donation to World Central Kitchen, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization focused on feeding the hungry during times of crisis. The organization is headquartered in Washington, D.C., and operates worldwide in epicenters of urgent need. In 2020 when New York was hit hard with the Covid-19 pandemic and its massive ripple of economic effects on the community, WCK was in place partnering with New York restaurants to purchase food to help keep restaurants in business, and providing the food to those in need through its #ChefsForAmerica and Restaurants for the People programs.


Protecting Animals

Queen City Pitties Animal Rescue rescues pit bulls and pit bull mixes in the Buffalo/Western NY area. This breed tends to be plagued by common misconceptions and overlooked in shelter adoptions; However, they can and overwhelmingly do make incredibly family-friendly, loveable, loyal canine companions. Logos Capital Systems’ donation to the Rescue will help provide services to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home pit bulls and pit bull mixes to give them and their new families better lives. 

Logos Capital Systems supports global needs. The Wildlife Trafficking Alliance is a coalition of organizations dedicated to fighting the global epidemic of wildlife trafficking. The killing and illegal capture and sale of a variety of at-risk species are driven by illegal trade systems worldwide. The organization aims its efforts toward increasing awareness to reduce demand and enacting change through key partnerships and legislative initiatives. 

Team members were proud to be able to support so many worthwhile organizations this summer. For additional information about Logos Capital Systems and its charity initiative or its services, please visit, email or call 855-669-4096.


About Logos Capital Systems, LLC

Located in Gasport, NY, Logos Capital Systems, LLC is a nationally licensed debt collection agency that is dedicated to a service-driven culture, industry and legal compliance, and reputation management. Its experienced team of professionals combines proprietary technology and data-driven analytics to provide clients reliable asset recovery solutions for accounts at all stages of the credit cycle. The Company fully complies with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and all other applicable laws, rules, and regulations. Logos Capital Systems’ leadership team are active participants in receivables trade associations and advocate strongly on behalf of the receivables management industry.


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