Keith Walch

CHESAPEAKE, Va. -- Spring Oaks Capital, LLC has hired Keith Walch as Chief Acquisitions Officer.  In this role, Keith will be responsible for developing client relationships and leading the day-to-day operations of the acquisitions team.

“We are thrilled to welcome Keith to the Spring Oaks Capital management team,” states Tim Stapleford, President & CEO.  “He brings a wealth of real-world experience to the role of Chief Acquisitions Officer, and will play a vital role in delivering the Spring Oaks story and value proposition to clients from his unique perspective as someone who has built an asset sale operation from scratch at Prosper Marketplace.“

Walch joins Spring Oaks Capital with over 20 years of experience, including MBNA, Wells Fargo Auto Finance, and Barclaycard.  He spent the last six years at Prosper Marketplace, where he was responsible for the design and operation of their recovery model, including debt sales, third-party agencies, and legal recovery.   

“After spending my career on the creditor side, it seemed both challenging and natural to join the Spring Oaks Capital team on the debt buyer side of the asset sale marketplace,” says Walch.  “Spring Oaks Capital brings a fresh, technology-driven, and compliance-focused energy and presence to the marketplace, and I’m very excited to join the leadership team.” [article_ad]

About Spring Oaks Capital, LLC

Since 2019, Spring Oaks Capital has been buying portfolios from several sellers and creditors that want better pricing for their accounts without compromising on compliance or their brand. Building an innovative, refreshing and equitable vision that provides positive optionality around consumer debt obligations has been key to their success. Spring Oaks Capital leverages a differentiated culture and leading-edge technology to offer more competitive pricing. Spring Oaks Capital is an innovative and technology-focused consumer debt purchasing company spearheaded by a group of well-known and respected industry executives, who hold decades of experience at some of the largest banks, debt buyers, and collection firms in the United States.

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