ATLANTA, Ga. -- Sequium Asset Solutions LLC, a privately held firm based in Marietta, Georgia, announced that it has launched Segoso Caribbean, a BPO nearshore outsourcing firm in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Segoso Caribbean operates in key contact center verticals and channels: Travel & Leisure, Utilities, Telecoms, Retail, Financial Services, Inbound/Outbound Voice, Chat, email, Care, Sales, Tech Support, and maintains full site redundancy through its US Offices.

Segoso Caribbean also houses Sequium’s captive site in Jamaica, which manages first and third-party collection services for its US client base.

Segoso was established in October 2020 and led by Sebastian Tickle, the Company’s President & CEO. Tickle was a former Group Chief Operating Officer at itelbpo and is a 23-year veteran of the Jamaican and English-speaking Caribbean BPO industries. He was part of the original e-Services team, one of the pioneers of BPO in Jamaica and Saint Lucia.

Greg Schubert, Segoso Caribbean Chairman, “We firmly believe that the mid-market is underserved by traditional large international BPO providers. Customers come to us because they need a team that is responsive, reliable, and gets the job done.” Schubert stated, “Engaging someone like Sebastian is a major coup for us. He will deliver the leadership and execution necessary for a successful global strategy and deliver the quality results that our customers deserve.”

Sebastian Tickle, Segoso CEO, states: “As a Jamaican-US company with redundant facilities in the continental US, we are in a unique position to provide consistently scalable support and resilience by partnering with a superior local workforce in delivering some of the industry’s best customer care worldwide. Tickle noted, “We have established a tremendous infrastructure in Montego Bay that, when combined with the resources and financial backing of Sequium, we believe we will be at the forefront of this industry in short order. Our motto is Evidence-Based because outsourcing to the right people is critical.” Segoso Caribbean plans to expand its footprint in the Caribbean region, starting in Belize by Q3 2021.

About Sequium 

Headquartered in Marietta GA, Sequium Asset Solutions is the leader in the accounts receivable management industry leveraging sophisticated Business Intelligence, Machine learning, Digital Communications and Human Capital to produce groundbreaking results for its customers. The company is recognized as a leader of innovation within the industry. For more information, please contact Peter Hendricks, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, at 678-228-0003 or email him at

About Segoso 

Segoso Caribbean is a privately-owned, nearshore outsourcing organization with state-of-the-art facilities in Montego Bay, Jamaica, and Brick & Mortar redundancy in Atlanta GA, with an additional 800 work-from-home agents spread across the southern United States. Its global co-locations and client integration points are situated in Atlanta GA and Naples FL. Segoso Caribbean is PCI DSS L-1 attested, HIPAA certified, and SOC 2, Type 2 compliant. Its key contact center verticals and channels are Travel & Leisure, Utilities, Telecoms, Retail, Financial Services, Inbound/Outbound Voice, Chat, email, Care, Sales, Tech Support. For more information, please contact Sebastian Tickle, at 678-228-3028 or email him at


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