NORTH ANDOVER, Mass. -- F.H. Cann and Associates (FHC), a woman-owned and family-run Massachusetts business for more than 20 years, is proud to mark its first full week of successfully assisting government officials and private partners respond to the COVID-19 public health emergency, and of the aggressive response by our employees in rallying to the cause.

FHC has been a national leader in providing clients with contact center services since 1999, but traditionally with financial recovery, loan servicing, and business process outsourcing. However, with the dire need for connecting citizens -- particularly seniors -- with vaccinations, FHC has pivoted and partnered with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to help link these vital public health needs with the people seeking them. 

Working with Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker’s Administration and its Department of Public Health, FHC retooled its operations rapidly to help respond to the global health emergency that has upended all of our ways of life, our economy, and our children’s education, retraining employees specifically for the pandemic and helping boost the state’s response.

FHC immediately offered its services and was awarded two emergency contracts to assist both the Department of Unemployment Assistance and the state’s efforts to provide call-center services for those seeking COVID-19 vaccines and was thrilled to be able to lend its expertise to assist the public.

“When we saw the opportunity to fit our family-owned firm’s capabilities to the needs of the public, including our family and friends and neighbors, we didn’t hesitate,” said Sheri A. Traficante-Cann, President and Chief Executive Officer of FHC. “We’re accustomed to pivoting quickly to meet the needs of clients and customers, but this is an emergency on a magnitude none of us has ever seen, and we knew it was all hands on deck.”

Traditionally and philosophically a firm that provides best-in-class customer care and adheres to exemplary quality control processes, FHC has worked with the Baker Administration and other private partners in recent days to connect residents with vaccination opportunities. Given the scope of the pandemic and the firm’s ready-made capabilities, FHC was eager to assist in the effort to provide vaccines to as many residents as possible.

“We’ve grown accustomed to easing the process for our friends and neighbors to access the financial services that can often be convoluted and frustrating,” said Frank H. Cann, Jr., Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of FHC. “But this emergency demands the kind of response that only a well-trained workforce can provide in a pinch. We’re grateful to be a part of that, and to our employees for putting their shoulders to the wheel, and to the Baker Administration and our other partners for allowing us to pitch in.”

Since partnering with the Commonwealth, FHC has worked with experts to retrain staff specifically for COVID-19 vaccination needs, providing up to 300 customer service representatives (CSRs) a day to ensure that Massachusetts residents can gain access to the vaccine.

Committed to a business model that is socially responsible and devoted to inclusion, diversity, and equality, FHC has been a public-minded organization since its inception in 1999. From conducting clothing and food drives in Massachusetts to helping with school supplies for Ohio students in need to sponsoring events that support veterans, first responders, Civil Rights, and the Pulmonary Hypertension Association and Exchange Club of Lawrence and the Andovers, FHC has consistently adhered to its mission of being good neighbors and active members of its community.

FHC has also equipped itself to assist government agencies with vital contact tracing services as we confront the pandemic together. FHC has engaged employees at every step and is enormously grateful for the response and for so many people who have gone above and beyond the call to respond to this crisis.

Presented with the Inc5000 award for two consecutive years as one of the fastest-growing private companies in the country as well as a Massachusetts Economic Impact Award in 2019, FHC prides itself on its culture of inclusion and opportunity and believes its recent efforts to combat the pandemic fits that mission. FHC looks forward to partnering with government agencies, private partners, and its valued employees to continue that effort as long as it takes.

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