It’s hard to believe we’re one day away from our 3rd annual Women in Consumer and Commercial Finance conference. 

This event started as a pilot three years ago when we hosted just over 100 women in Baltimore. We were overjoyed that those women took a leap of faith on our event. Many more have done the same since. This year, we asked women to take a different kind of leap of faith - on a virtual experience. And as we wrap up the final details of our first-ever virtual women’s conference, I can’t help but be overwhelmed by the 600 women, from all stages of their career, who are gearing up to meet new people, learn and have some fun. 


Although this year’s event is virtual, the mission now is the same as it’s always been: to create an environment where women can build meaningful relationships, win new allies, and feel a sense of community, support, and camaraderie. We want every woman to walk away feeling inspired, renewed, and equipped with the knowledge they need to embark on another year. 

Although we are disappointed we could not convene in Savannah as originally planned, we’re really excited about the digital format. Thanks to the reduced price and the accessibility of the conference to anyone who is interested, many women are attending who may not have been able to attend otherwise. 

We're seeing some companies send really big groups of attendees, too. (Scroll down to see which companies are sending big teams.) When entire teams attend, those attendees can see that their companies really do care about professional development. Those teams of attendees will go through this experience together and bring that sense of connection and camaraderie right back to the office. That's a tremendous benefit.

Here's what a few of those companies had to say about sending teams of attendees:

"Investing in the growth and development of our female leaders will only help build a strong foundation for our future success."

- Mike Ferris, SVP, Loss Control and Recovery, Small Business Lending, Wells Fargo

"This is our third year of participation in the WCCF conference and we look forward to seeing this event grow and gain the participation of the multitude of brilliant women in our industry."

- Chris Repholz, Chief Customer Officer, MRS BPO

Who knows, maybe we’ll have a hybrid event next year so that these benefits can be an option going forward. Stay tuned for more. In the meantime, a big thank you to all the companies sending attendees this year. A special thank you to the companies who sent entire teams. 

By the way, we start tomorrow at 11:45 AM EST. It's not too late to join us. Thanks,

-Amy Perkins, Chair

Women in Consumer & Commercial Finance

Companies sending large teams of attendees to WCCF this year include:

WCCF 2020 large teams


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