TROY, Mich. -- TECH LOCK Inc., a RevSpring Company, today announced its TECH LOCK Secure™ Managed Cybersecurity and Integrated Compliance Services, fulfilling a growing demand for customers struggling with the challenges of keeping pace with modern security threats. TECH LOCK Secure™ is comprised of a comprehensive suite of Managed Security and Compliance Services, including Endpoint Detection and Response, Network/Firewall, Log/SIEM and Vulnerability Management. The service is supported by a U.S. based 24x7x365 Security Operations Center (SOC) providing quick response to security events through the TECH LOCK Secure™ service portal, powered by a cloud-based machine learning engine enabling security event orchestration, detection and response.

TECH LOCK recognized that businesses were spending on compliance basics but were falling behind in what was needed to keep their business and customer data safe against hackers. TECH LOCK Secure™ is designed to address this concern and meet the demands of businesses that have limited budgets, so they do not have to focus on security or compliance, but now have a service that addresses both. “We wanted to make it easy and accessible for any company to obtain best-in-breed security technology, operations and orchestrated incident response,” said Brian McManamon, president of TECH LOCK Inc. “Our in-depth knowledge and experience with data compliance standards ensures that our solution provides immediate value to businesses by delivering comprehensive data protection while maintaining continuous compliance.”

TECH LOCK Secure™ is a turn-key solution based on modern, adaptive cybersecurity technologies. Customers have complete transparency to all security and compliance operations. The TECH LOCK Secure™ portal provides real-time dashboards and reports with the ability to drill down into specific data. Through the information provided in the portal, the customer can quickly validate that their organization is secure and up to date with their compliance requirements.

“As a leader in outsourced patient financial services, ensuring patient privacy and protecting the data entrusted to us is critical,” said Jim Warner, chief technology officer, State Collection Service, Inc. As a result, working with TECH LOCK Inc. is not just about checking the box for compliance.” “Security and compliance are so interwoven that subscribing to TECH LOCK Secure™ was an easy choice to make to ensure data security,” said Tim Haag, president, State Collection Service, Inc.

“Our long-term partnership with TECH LOCK provides us with tremendous peace of mind knowing that we are using market-leading technology and processes to ensure data security and patient privacy.”


TECH LOCK enables organizations to navigate, detect, and respond to today’s modern cybersecurity and compliance challenges. Our focus is the delivery of adaptive managed security services and security operations leveraging industry-leading technology enriched with threat intelligence and powered by machine learning in an orchestrated model. We deliver comprehensive security and compliance services with measurable outcomes and personalized support. For more information, visit

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