Pairity is proud to announce its recognition as “Most Innovative Product” during last week’s CollectTECH19 Awards Ceremony. 

CollectTECH19 is a conference created by Receivables Advisors with a focus on the intersection of technology and compliance issues. Topics discussed included regulatory compliance and AI, as well as the use of blockchain in collections. 

Pairity’s innovations span from its patent pending artificial intelligence platform, a compliant and completely AI-powered Marketplace for portfolio sales and contracts, to its explainable machine learning as a service. Pairity’s AI maps consumer relationships to improve consumer contact, and also explains the choices behind its decisions so agencies and lenders understand the reasoning behind algorithmic-backed strategy.


About Pairity

Pairity uses AI to ease the stress of consumer debt for everyone: lenders, collectors, and individuals who are repaying debt. Pairity’s machine learning models and patent-pending AI are designed to improve accounts receivable management by scoring accounts, allocating workloads and uncovering relationships for unprecedented results.

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