ARLINGTON, Va. and LOWELL, Mass. -- Numeracle Inc., the pioneer of robocall blocking and labeling visibility and control in the calling ecosystem, and NetNumber, the world's leading provider of next-generation centralized addressing, routing and database solutions to the global communications industry, today announced a partner objective to deploy Numeracle’s Trusted Entity and phone number data onto NetNumber’s Global Data Services platform as the Trusted Entity Registry to identify trusted callers in support of industry-wide efforts around SHAKEN/STIR and default call blocking objectives. 

As the only solution provider offering entities the ability to register phone numbers and certify the Trusted Entity status of their organizations, Numeracle provides a single path to proactively identify legitimate entities and prevent the improper blocking of legal, wanted calls across multiple carriers and service providers. The Trusted Entity Registry will expand the reach of Numeracle’s existing platform to identify organizations such as emergency services, schools, businesses, healthcare providers, financial establishments, retailers, resorts, charities, or any entities whose calls are not the intended target of the FCC-approved default call blocking ruling.

“With the FCC’s approval of default call blocking at the carrier-level, the need for such a solution to ensure legal, wanted calls are not unintentionally blocked is a matter of urgency and necessity for the telecom industry,” said Rebekah Johnson, Founder & CEO, Numeracle. “By carrying out our vision of integrating with NetNumber, we are creating the ideal vehicle for entities to register phone numbers and establish trust in their calls utilizing NetNumber’s expansive reach to carriers and service providers. This solution will enable the carriers to move forward with more aggressive call blocking tools while formalizing the redress mechanisms for entities who are erroneously blocked.” 

The Trusted Entity Registry will be delivered as an extension of NetNumber’s well-known GDS platform as a free cloud service made available to communication service providers and analytics engines to ensure critical, trusted communications are not blocked. This solution creates a direct line of access to verified, legal caller identification data for both terminating and originating carriers. The Trusted Entity Registry is being provided by Numeracle and NetNumber at no charge to service providers and analytics engines that need the information to avoid inappropriate blocking of wanted and critical calls.  

While the immediate benefit of this relationship works to prevent the erroneous blocking of critical, wanted calls, this solution positions both companies to continue focus on innovating further solutions to strengthen SHAKEN/STIR. 

“NetNumber has been actively engaged in working with the SHAKEN/STIR framework in support of our service provider and carrier customers. Adding the Trusted Entity Registry to our product line is a logical next step in the evolution of a broader SHAKEN/STIR solution.  Numeracle is the perfect partner to provide the vetted calling-party data to help the industry to move towards a model of end-to-end trust,” said Doug Ranalli, NetNumber’s Founder and VP of Global Data Services. “This partnership paves the way to strengthen the SHAKEN/STIR framework beyond the baseline of preventing the illegal spoofing of phone numbers to actually delivering the vetted identity data required to give consumers confidence in who is actually on the other end of the call.” 

To learn more about NetNumber’s Global Data Services solution, the foundational building block of the NetNumber Trusted Entity Registry, visit For more insight into Numeracle’s mission to proactively identify trusted entities across the healthcare, financial, utility, retail, resort, and public service industries, visit

About NetNumber

NetNumber, Inc. brings nearly 20 years of experience delivering platforms that power global telecom and enterprise networks. Our software-based signaling-control solutions accelerate delivery of new services like Private LTE and IoT/M2M solutions across multi-gen networks, dramatically simplifying the core and reducing opex. These solutions span a range of network types from 2G-3G-4G-5G to future G delivered on the industry’s first All-G signaling platform called TITAN. NetNumber Data Services are essential for global inter-carrier routing, roaming, voice and messaging. Data powers fraud detection and prevention solutions and enables enterprise B2B and B2C communications platforms. NetNumber multi-protocol signaling firewall, fraud-detection, and robocalling solutions secure networks against current/emerging threats. 

About Numeracle 

Numeracle is working with major carriers, device manufacturers, app developers and industry leaders to deliver a path to visibility and control into the new calling ecosystem. Through the company’s technology vision and industry leadership, Numeracle is laying the foundation for returning trust and transparency to customer communications. To learn more about Numeracle’s call blocking and labeling solutions for call originators and call centers, visit

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