BUFFALO, N.Y. -- ABC-Amega, a global commercial receivables management firm headquartered in Buffalo, NY, is pleased to announce that CEO, David Herer, has been reappointed to the U.S. Department of Commerce Trade Finance Advisory Council (TFAC). 

The TFAC was established in 2016 by the International Trade Administration (ITA) and re-chartered in August 2018. The TFAC serves as the principal advisory board to the Secretary of Commerce on matters relating to access to trade finance for U.S. exporters. Herer is one of twenty members who will continue to serve on this board.  In his role, David provides counsel on issues and concerns that affect trade finance in the United States. 

“The work of the Trade Finance Advisory Council is important to U.S competitiveness, and trade policy is a vital concern of our clients,” said Herer. “I am thrilled to be part of this board for another term and continue this important work.” he added.

About ITA

The International Trade Administration (ITA) is the premier resource for American companies competing in the global marketplace. ITA has 2,100 employees assisting U.S. exporters in more than 100 U.S. cities and 72 countries worldwide. For more information on ITA visit www.trade.gov. For information on the ITA’s Strategic Partnership Program, please visit: http://export.gov/CSPartners.


About ABC-Amega

Founded in 1929 as The American Bureau of Collections, ABC-Amega is an award-winning commercial collections agency specializing in global debt collection and accounts receivable management solutions.

ABC-Amega partners with clients to improve and manage credit, cash flow and customer retention with services in third-party commercial debt collection, first-party accounts receivable outsourcing, industry credit group management, and credit and A/R management training and education. The firm is also a certified member of the CCA of A, dual-certified by the CLLA/IACC and is a platinum partner of the Credit Research Foundation (CRF).

For additional information, please contact info@abc-amega.com or visit www.abc-amega.com.

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