ROCKVILLE, Md. -- insideARM is excited to announce the launch of  iA Research Assistant – a brand-new program designed to provide custom research, industry peer connections, and a growing library of policies, procedures, checklists, and workflows. The cost is only $50 per month for an individual subscription, charged monthly. Subscribers can cancel anytime.

Research Assistant subscribers can send almost any question to our research team – double-checking the wording in a collection letter; credit reporting confusion; the latest on out-of-stat practices – browse our library of examples of industry policies and procedures, or join in on a monthly peer call.

“Research Assistant is really designed to take a lot of the guess-work off of the plates of people in the industry,” said Director of Education, Mike Bevel. “Everyone has a mile-long to-do list, and not enough hours in the day. Research Assistant allows our members to push some of that tedious work off onto us here on the research team. It’s really an extremely affordable way to add research support to your office.”

To get started - or get more information, including information on corporate rates - you can visit our About page, or email Mike Bevel at




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