COLLINSWOOD, N.J. --, a clearinghouse for leads and intelligence about government collection contracts since 2008, has announced a major rebranding and relaunch of the site.

MyGovWatch still offers users the choice of contracting for unlimited data access, but now additionally offers data through a new, freemium access option, which lets anyone create a free account and receive no-cost bid notices in every industry at the Federal, state, and local levels, including collections. This relaunch makes the government RFP lead site with the most robust commercially-available freemium option.


Historically, the site has catered to a handful of industries, including collections.  The site now enables anyone to specify their particular interests from among ten top-level industries, from professional services to construction to finance and technology and beyond.  Users can set preferences to be notified about leads in nearly sixty sub-industries, such as collections, billing, systems development, business services, and others, covering every conceivable type of government purchase.

For existing users, the new site offers all of the functionality and data access that it has always provided, plus the ability to let users tap into other market opportunities through a new, pay-as-you-go model offering users the opportunity to buy and apply credits on the site to access specific information about specific contracts. The new site also features a vibrant new look and feel.  Premium users continue to receive timely notice of:

  • New procurement announcements in collections covering 24 classes of debt.
  • Updates on current procurements in the form of addendum tracking and reporting.
  • Award notices for recent procurements announcing winner(s).
  • Availability of award documents obtained through open records requests showing how decision makers selected vendors for individual contracts, including pricing.
  • Pre-notification of future procurements months before they happen.
  • A searchable vendor center that lets users research pricing trends and winning proposals by competitor, geography, and numerous other contract attributes.

For organizations that do not typically compete in the public sector, or that do so infrequently, the site lets users take an opportunistic approach to pursuing opportunities by monetizing access to data and services on demand, such as:

  • Micro-transaction costs to download documents and submit anonymous questions to buyers.
  • The ability to download detailed historical documents related to specific contracts showing how decision makers selected vendors in the past, including pricing, that can be used to make decisions on current procurements.
  • The ability to order open records follow up on demand to find out, anonymously, what happened with bids your organization has recently submitted.
  • The ability to subscribe to the lifecycle of individual contracting opportunities, to be notified when key events happen over time, such as the award of a contract, availability of open records, or impending expiration of existing contracts.

The relaunch was three years in the making, and also offers organizations the option to tap into Application Program Interfaces (APIs) to feed sales leads directly into their customer relationship management (CRM) systems.  This lets organizations control data traffic and increases organizational awareness of who is responsible for various leads.

To create your free account today, visit

About is a government RFP lead and intelligence website with the most robust freemium option commercially available.  Users can create free accounts to hear about government purchasing opportunities at the Federal, state, and local levels from among ten top-level categories and nearly sixty subcategories.  Freemium users can buy credits to get help tracking and monitoring government purchasing activity. The site also offers premium services within specific markets and in relation to specific opportunities to let users keep close tabs on government purchasing opportunities that are of greatest interest to them.  Learn more at

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