Payment Savvy Has Been Hard at Work Leading a Movement in the Collections Industry to Offer the Program Under Card Brands by Carefully Following the Many Guidelines

PLANO, Texas -- Since the day they opened for business, Payment Savvy, has strived to be a real leader in payment processing for account receivables businesses. Once again, Payment Savvy has achieved this goal by recently taking the Convenience Fee Model, or free payment processing, to the next level.

As Eli Smith, Chief Operations Officer of Payment Savvy noted, the company has entirely spearheaded the legalities in the collections industry with some of the best attorney networks, which allows them to offer the No Cost to Biller program under card brands by following the many guidelines in place.

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With the most advanced state of the art software and multiple redundant networks tied into the banks, Smith noted, Payment Savvy is the real leader in payment processing for account receivables businesses.  

"We have done the due diligence over the past five-plus years with some of the largest law firms in the U.S. to make sure our agencies stay compliant statewide with the fees. We truly have a well-written platform that pleases our collections agencies as well as their consumers," Smith said.

“We feel we are so ahead of the game that there are no competitors in the space matching our products and services within the collections industry.”

By improving the Convenience Fee Model, Smith said Payment Savvy enhanced the offer tremendously to include many new functionalities for their B2B merchants. As Smith noted, this is all part of the company's devotion to pumping both money and time into their software platform to make it the best possible product for the industries they serve.

The fact that Payment Savvy has worked so hard to make sure the Free Payment Processing Model was as advanced and innovative as possible will not surprise their satisfied clients. The company has earned a well-deserved reputation for their outstanding and fully integrated web payment solutions as well as commitment to customer service.


About Payment Savvy

Payment Savvy is a fully integrated payment processor to the following industries: Collections Agencies, Consumer Finance, Billing Companies, Credit Unions, Healthcare, Utilities, Government, and Schools. To learn more about Payment Savvy, visit or call (866) 303-2558.


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