JACKSONVILLE, Fla., -- Enhanced Resource Centers (ERC) announced today that Marty Sarim, the company’s long-standing President and Chief Operating Officer, will serve as its next Chief Executive Officer. Current CEO and Co-Founder Kirk Moquin will take a new role as Chairman of the Board, effective immediately.

Marty Sarim, CEO

Marty Sarim brings deep expertise in talent management and operations, and a remarkable ability to develop new and innovative product lines. Combined with his keen market intuition and ability to bring his team together to execute against the resultant opportunities, Sarim will continue to expand the company’s growing global footprint and lead ERC into its future.

“Marty and I have spent the last two years working closely together to ensure a successful transition,” says Kirk Moquin, “and I am very confident that under Marty’s leadership and with the strength of our Senior Leadership team, we will take ERC to the next level yet again.” Moquin will remain involved and continue to drive growth for the company globally.

Kirk Moquin, Founder and Chairman of the Board

“I am excited to start the new chapter of ERC’s already successful story,” says Marty Sarim. “After several years as President, I am grateful to be surrounded by some of the most talented executives and senior leaders in the business. Our team is so bought-in and driven, and it shows every day. We have some very exciting times ahead of us and I am honored to lead our company as we continue to innovate and bring to market the latest technologies, expand our geographic footprint globally, and continue to be a top performer for our clients.”

Sarim’s promotion is one of several shifts for ERC in the immediate future. The company has recently expanded its footprint to Durban, South Africa, and has its next global location targeted. As a technology-first company, ERC will continue to invest heavily in A.I. and other innovative technologies to bring the best solutions and more robust offerings to its partners.

Sarim joined ERC in 2010 as President and Chief Operating Officer, after holding the CEO position at a competitor. While serving as President and COO, Marty’s strong operational skills and deep business insights enabled ERC to not only navigate through an extremely challenging time in the industry, but to do so while still growing and improving. His more than 20 years in the call center space have established him as a respected industry expert.

About ERC

ERC is a global BPO delivering end-to-end customer engagement driven by Relationships, Resources and Results. We provide the best customer experience and results possible on behalf of our clients by connecting them to superior talent and technology in domestic, near-shore and far-shore locations. ERC’s extensive client list includes more than 20 Fortune 500 clients with customers in all stages of their life-cycle. ERC is committed to matching their best-in-class talent for each client engagement, and to providing an unparalleled customer experience with the quality control, business intelligence and overall performance every client deserves.

For more information, contact Rachel Jackson, SVP of Marketing at rjackson@ercbpo.com or 904-874-1141.


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