ROCKVILLE, Md. -- At last week's spring meeting of the Consumer Relations Consortium (CRC) and its Innovation Council, the group recognized three individuals and three firms with ‘Most Valuable Contribution’ awards for 2017. Winners were selected earlier this year by CRC members, based on the value of the contribution provided by executives from member technology firms.

Winners in the individual category included: 

  • Boris Grinshpun – Director of Product, LiveVox
  • Brian Robertson – CEO, VisiQuate (pictured at right with Stephanie Eidelman, CRC Executive Director)
  • Peter Ghiselli – VP, US Emerging Markets, TransUnion

Winners in the company category included:

  • Ontario Systems - Primary 2017 contributors included Dan Womack, Director of Product Engineering; Rozanne Andersen, VP & Chief Compliance Officer; and Amy Kennedy, Senior Director of Product Management. (Rozanne Andersen and Dan Womack pictured at right with Stephanie Eidelman)
  • LiveVox (primary contributors included Luis Summe, CEO; Boris Grinshpun, Director of Product; and Erik Fowler, EVP Business Operations)
  • Noble Systems (primary contributors included Karl Koster, VP Product Management; and Jason Ouimette, VP Product Management)

Dan Womack said, “The Innovation Council provides an environment and structure that fosters collaboration and innovation between large market participants, creditors, technology providers, and compliance experts. It has been wonderful to be able to regularly sit with representatives from each portion of our industry and not only discuss challenges we all face, but more importantly work together on solutions. We walk away from each interaction with tangible items to enlighten and impact our product roadmaps and technologies.”

Rozanne Andersen added, “The Innovation Council is what many consider to be the leading organization for creditors, larger market participants and their service providers. As members of the council, we are honored to have the opportunity to collaborate and support the advancement of the industry’s approach toward compliance, technology and business processes and are humbled that a group of our peers selected our company for this award.”

In 2017, its first year, the Innovation Council addressed three main categories: payments, omni-channel communications, and data analytics. In addition to discussing case studies and new developments, members engaged in structured small group-based discussion around best practices and future direction.

Brian Robertson commented, “The Innovation Council is a great opportunity to network and collaborate with industry peers on the important topics of compliance, consumer value, technology automation and big data analytics. It has been a joy and a pleasure to contribute and to get to know so many high caliber individuals on this great Council. I am honored and humbled to have received this award.”


To start 2018, the Council conducted a series of in-depth interviews to identify priorities and opportunities for collaborative solutions. Some of the topics explored include substantiation, data standards, big data, and bridging the gap between creditors and collectors in order to help build consumer trust. 

Last week’s session also included an in-depth exploration of other important topics, including SHAKEN (a protocol in development for authenticating calls, in an effort to further highlight the difference between scammers and legal call originators) and practical blockchain applications. 

About CRC’s Innovation Council

The Innovation Council operates in conjunction with the Consumer Relations Consortium (CRC). Formed in 2013, the CRC is a membership group for forward-thinking creditors and larger ARM companies that engages proactively with consumer groups, regulators and other influential thought leaders. The goal is to develop relationships that lead to candid discussion of practical ways to address challenges facing all parties involved in the debt collection process.

Established in 2017, the Innovation Council is a platform for senior technology, strategy, operations, and compliance executives to shape understanding of the big technology issues certain to redefine the ARM industry, and to collaborate on innovative solutions.

The CRC and its Innovation Council are managed by The iA Institute, parent of insideARM.

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