COLLINGSWOOD, N.J. -- The Fed Cetera Network, a business development organization under 48 CFR 52.219-9, is pleased to make two announcements. First, small business members of the organization have now exceeded $100,000,000 in total billings as a result of their membership. The organization also announced that Federal contractor Dyck-O’Neal, a nationally-operating small business focused on distressed and under-managed real estate debt, is now a member of the Fed Cetera Network. Dyck-O’Neal has served government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs) and other government agencies that preserve and promote public confidence in the financial system for more than 25 years.

The Fed Cetera Network is a one-stop shop for Federal contractors, including United States Department of Education (ED) Private Collection Agency (PCA) contractors, to easily find pre-qualified potential subcontractors who have the wherewithal to implement Federal subcontracts successfully. The Fed Cetera Network has helped dozens of small businesses pursue and receive Federal subcontracts over the years.  Member companies pay nothing to join the network, but pay only a nominal fee if successfully placed as a subcontractor with a Federal contractor.

“We are thrilled our members have surpassed this milestone, and that Dyck-O’Neal has joined our ranks,” said Nick Bernardo of Fed Cetera. “Any company can set up a free profile on, but a query on that website cannot tell a prime contractor who has the bandwidth and capital to get things done or which potential partners are really ready for this work.”

Dyck-O’Neal‘s business originated in mortgage insurance, banking, legal, and real estate. Founded in August 1988 to recover on mortgage deficiencies in Texas, the company expanded into additional states during the early 1990s following nationwide foreclosure trends and to meet the needs of its partners.

The company released this statement: “Dyck-O’Neal is very excited about this new opportunity to market to ED contractors the stellar performance and customer service we have provided the mortgage industry and how that relates to the student loan world.”

Fed Cetera is planning to hold an informational call for small businesses interested in learning about Federal subcontracting opportunities on Thursday, February 22, 2018, at 11:30AM EST. Interested parties should email for dial in details.

As reported on ED procurement documents posted on, the procurement for PCAs that resulted in awards to two firms in January, which are now in litigation, placed greater emphasis than ever before on the need for PCAs to subcontract accounts to small businesses. A set aside contract awarded to eleven small businesses in late September of 2014 requires, for the first time, even those small businesses to farm out some of the work to other small businesses.

About Fed Cetera

Fed Cetera is a “business development organization” under 48 CFR 52.219-9 that PCAs contact when subcontracting opportunities are available in order to be fully compliant with Federal regulations requiring outreach to various sources of potential subcontractors.  The company maintains a source list of qualified small collection firms, regularly markets to the PCA community, and provides advisory services around business development and compliance to firms operating in the federal market place. Click here to learn more.

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