WASHINGTON, D.C. -- This week the Consumer Relations Consortium ("CRC") recognized the immense contributions of Stephanie Eidelman to the collection industry by bestowing upon her the inaugural Trailblazer Award.  Stephanie was instrumental in founding the CRC in 2013, which has grown to a membership of 30 larger market participants whose insights and opinions are sought by regulators and consumer groups in Washington, D.C. and across the country.  Stephanie pursued a groundbreaking strategy of organizing the interests of larger market participant agencies who focus on compliance and fostering open dialog among those agencies, consumer groups and regulators.

Michael Kraft, General Counsel of the CCS Companies, and a CRC steering committee member commented on Eidelman’s achievements stating, “through Stephanie’s strategic efforts, the CRC is humbled to have met with federal and state regulators on a wide range of issues over the past three years.  Stephanie’s approach has been to facilitate open forums for fact-finding and innovation." 


"Stephanie's tireless efforts and clear vision for the collaboration of the collection industry with representatives from consumer groups, as well as state and federal regulators has resulted in unique experiences for larger market participants who take consumer protection seriously.  Representatives of debt collectors engaging with consumer groups in various settings and regarding a host of compliance subjects has been rewarding and effective,” noted Leslie Bender, VP/Government Affairs and general counsel at BCA Financial Services, another CRC steering committee member.

Among other initiatives, the CRC collaborated with Consumer Action to produce When a collector calls: An insider's guide to responding to debt collectors.

For more information on the CRC, visit: http://www.crconsortium.org/

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