CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — The Governor’s Foundation for Health and Wellness announced North American Credit Services as a third year recipient, Healthier Tennessee Workplace for its commitment to encouraging and enabling employees to live a healthy lifestyle both at work and at home. “NACS has created a culture of wellness that encourages and enables employees to be healthier, more productive, and more satisfied with their jobs. It’s good for business, and it’s good for Tennessee,” said Rick Johnson, president and chief executive officer of the Governor’s Foundation.

To maintain the Healthier Tennessee Workplace certification, NACS was evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Encourages and enables physical activity in the workplace,
  • Offers healthy eating options at work,
  • Provides help with tobacco cessation local resources,
  • Encourages and enables employees to monitor their own health through regular health risk assessments, screenings or check-ups,
  • Rewards and recognizes employees for participating in health and wellness activities and achieving health improvements.


“Employees are family. They are a vital part of our team and our success. A healthful family member, team member is better for the overall success of life and any goals we may have as an organization,” stated Dallas S. Bunton, Sr. chief executive officer and chairman of NACS and Medical Services. “Employees spend a greater number of their waking hours on our Campus. My goal is to always provide a clean, safe and healthy place to work and grow our talents.”

NACS began its Chattanooga-based operations in 1981 with less than 20 employees, specializing in the professional collection of healthcare receivables. Today, NACS along with its affiliate company, Medical Services, Inc. is a full service healthcare receivables management, company; comprised of multiple specialized divisions with a growing workforce of over 300 employees.

About Our Companies

North American Credit Services, Inc. primarily specializes in the professional collection of healthcare receivables. As leaders in the collection industry, we focus on maintaining professional standards and utilizing advanced technology. NACS, formed in 1981, is a licensed collection agency using only licensed, ACA certified collection managers in the management of day-to-day operations. The senior management of NACS has over a century of combined experience in the healthcare/collection industry.

Medical Services, Inc. began operation in 1985 as an affiliation with North American Credit Services, Inc. What started as a self-pay, insurance billing and follow-up company has expanded into a full medical receivables management service. During the 1990s, as healthcare came under fire to centralize and cut costs, Medical Services expanded to include full billing services. Today, Medical Services has expanded its services into several divisions to best serve clients needs which include: Medical Services Adventist Health System / Centralized Billing Office, Medical Services Billing Technologies, Medical Services Extended Pay, and Medical Services Early Out. All of which offer many levels of accounts receivable billing and collection support for hospitals and physician groups.

To learn even more about North American Credit Services visit and Medical Services of Chattanooga at

About the Governor’s Foundation for Health and Wellness

The Governor’s Foundation for Health and Wellness is a non-profit corporation dedicated to enabling and encouraging Tennesseans to lead healthier lives. Based in Nashville, the Foundation brings together a statewide coalition of employers, health insurers, hospital systems, local governments, school systems and healthcare-focused foundations and community organizations to effect positive, measurable change. The Foundation’s Healthier Tennessee initiative strives to increase the number of Tennesseans who are physically active for at least 30 minutes five times a week, promote a healthy diet, and reduce the number of people who use tobacco. Those interested in becoming a Healthier Tennessee Workplace should apply at

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