Accretive Health, Inc. has been honored with Interactive Health’s 2012 annual “Healthiest Companies in America” award.  The accolade is bestowed to companies for creating a culture of health by prioritizing employee health through outcomes-based health management programs.  According to Interactive Health, Accretive Health is one of 72 organizations named nationally to have attained a company-wide low health risk status while achieving high employee participation in its wellness program.

“We are thrilled to be recognized for initiatives that reflect our overall commitment to improved health outcomes,” said Rae Ali, vice president, human resources at Accretive Health. “Our employees are dedicated to achieving their personal health goals and to partnering with our healthcare clients to achieve better outcomes for patient populations.”

The Interactive Health selection process analyzes clinical test results demonstrating improved employee health across an index of key health indicators. Of the Accretive Health participants asked to better their health based on their last evaluation, there were improved blood pressure results, triglycerides, reduced LDL cholesterol, and lower glucose levels.

“Our goal is to be leading edge on wellness because the health of our employees is central to who we are as a company.” said Ali.  “This program creates a culture of health for our employees and helps them truly engage in living healthier lifestyles. Additionally, the program exemplifies our company values, such as Caring, Respect for the Individual, Partnership, and developing the Best People.”

“It makes sense for every organization, not just those of us who work within the healthcare industry, to offer programs that promote wellness as a benefit to employees,” she added. “We are very proud to be among the companies listed as making health a priority.”


About Interactive Health

Interactive Health is a provider of outcomes-based health management solutions designed to engage employees in the management of their health through early detection and identification of risk factors.  Clinical measurements are coupled with immediate intervention and healthy activities to create a personalized health action plan designed to meet the unique needs of each individual. For more information, visit

About Accretive Health

At Accretive Health, our mission is to help our healthcare clients strengthen their financial stability and deliver better care at a more affordable cost to the communities they serve, increasing healthcare access for all.  For more information, visit

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