Take a step back from the financial side of the patient experience. For the moment, we’re not concerned with insured or uninsured, Medicare reimbursements, or any of that. But instead let’s think about the complexity of health and well-being in the midst of serious illness like cancer.

You have an oncologist. You have the place you go for radiation treatment. You have the pharmacy you use, and your primary care physician, and perhaps a team of nurse practitioners, and a social worker…  and yet the most important thing you need to focus on right now is getting well. And it can be a challenge because even when we’re sick, life goes on. You have a second job. You have a kid you need to pick up from school. And now your PCP wants to send you to a radiation clinic that’s nowhere near your zip code. Or your oncologist needs you to get blood work from a venue that takes a full half-hour out of your commute to get to.

When care isn’t coordinated – when the complete picture of a patient’s life isn’t taken into consideration – getting treatment can actually be an incredibly stressful burden on someone who actually can’t take much more stress.

In this downloadable Fact Sheet from Accretive Health, we show the ways we’ve begun to address this problem for patients and physicians. Our model gets patients to the appropriate care providers – in this case, providers that are appropriate for the patient. It’s a stressor removed from the patient. It gets people to the right facility for the right care. And it’s an example of how Accretive Health seamlessly aligns itself with hospitals and healthcare providers, offering solutions that improve business and quality health outcomes.

Download the fact sheet to learn how Accretive Health’s Quality and Total Cost of Care solution:

  • Improves quality of patient care and outcomes, while reducing unnecessary costs
  • Helps healthcare providers engage patients in wellness and shared decision making
  • Aids physician-led care, with appropriate incentives to promote health and wellness
  • Offers data-driven, fact-based solutions, not presumptions

About Accretive Health

Founded in 2003, Accretive Health’s mission is to help healthcare providers strengthen their financial stability and deliver higher quality, more accessible care to its clients’ patients and the communities they serve.  The majority of the hospitals that Accretive Health serves are non-profit, faith-based hospitals or teaching hospitals, deeply rooted in values of stewardship, generosity of spirit, leadership and dedication to their communities.

With approximately 2,900 employees, Accretive Health serves many of the top-rated hospital systems in the country and is committed to providing solutions that assist them in the delivery of quality healthcare services and maintaining financial stability.

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