On Valentine’s Day 2013, insidePatientFinance.com, Mark Detrick of Capio Partners, and Lyman Sornberger of Health Care Solutions presented a complimentary webinar for hospitals and patient finance professionals on the benefits of selling portfolios of late-stage, delinquent patient accounts. The 75-minute webinar entitled Healthcare Debt Sales: Tips to Boost Revenue and Effectively Manage Patient Relationships featured insights from two experienced healthcare executives on the value of exploring medical debt sales as a strategy for improving your organization’s bottom line while at the same time preserving vital patient and community relationships.

Whether you attended our February 14 webinar or simply want to learn more about the potential benefits to your hospital of selling portfolios of delinquent patient accounts, download this comprehensive slide presentation today.

Download the slide presentation from this live webinar to learn:

  • Why more hospitals and practices are selling their debt today
  • How a sale is conducted and the anatomy of the deal
  • When the best time in your revenue cycle is to sell your patient accounts
  • How to ensure patient satisfaction is not compromised
  • Contact information for our expert panel including Lyman Sornberger, president & CEO of Health Care Solutions and Mark Detrick, CEO of Capio Partners

Plus, click here to download a free companion whitepaper on healthcare debt sales:

Are You Holding Patient Accounts Too Long? Getting the Maximum Return from Your Collection Lifecycle.

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