Westchester, IL – Enterprise Recovery Systems, Inc. (ERS), an education debt recovery company, recently launched a consumer friendly web-site helpupay.com. to assist consumers in managing their debt on-line. The web site allows consumers to review their account, receive answers to questions about their student loans, and to calculate payment amounts on their loans. The secure website is available to consumers 24/7 to assist those hard to reach consumers.

ERS dunning notices direct consumers to the web site. Simple instructions are available to register and make payments on-line. Individuals are also able to track their payments on-line. After the consumer registers their account information and remits the first payment, the data is forwarded to a specialist who will contact the consumer to discuss program options and the payment amounts will work the best for them.

Jeff Bassett, Vice President of Information Technology and the primary architect of HelpUPay.com said, ?We have experienced great success with this product. To date, we have over 750 students/debtors who have registered on the web-site. We are looking at every possible method to make contact with the consumer. With over 80 % of America?s households having the internet, we feel that this will be a very effective way to communicate.?

Enterprise Recovery System, Inc is located in Westchester, IL, has been specializing in education debt recovery since 1988. ERS provides student loan recoveries for colleges, universities, private lenders and state guarantee agencies. ERS employees 145 people in Westchester, with offices in Indiana, Colorado and South Dakota. To find out more about The helpupay.com website and ERS please contact Bill Cantalope at bcantalope@ersinc.com or go to our web-site at www.ersinc.com.