Lindsey Walters

Lindsey Walters

For me, the month of November means the holiday season is around the corner. What do you love about this time of year? Is it the food? Is it the weather? Is it the time with your family and friends? Maybe it’s the time off from work; everyone needs a break every once in a while.

Before you get caught up with the holidays, be sure to remember those who you work with and who you work for — your clients. Make the most of your holidays while you are in the office by following these tips:

1.)   Send Gifts – You most likely speak to your clients on a regular basis, whether it’s through email or phone, but when is the last time you sent them a gift? This is a great way to make someone’s day through a sincere gesture. A gift does not have to be lavish and over the top to make a difference, rather it should send a genuine message. I mean, who doesn’t like receiving something unexpectedly?

2.)   Send Cards – Sending a gift to your clients really is wonderful if you have the means to do so. However, you can also convey your message with a simple card. When is the last time you received a card? I know off the top of my head my grandma sends me a card once a year, but that’s about it.  It’s always nice to get something in the mail, because it is somewhat of a rarity these days. Sending a card shows your client you are taking time out of your day, you are being thoughtful, and that you think of them as more than just a business contact.

3.)   Personalize Your Message – Sending cards and gifts are great, but if your messaging is generic and vague, people can easily tell that the muffin basket was sent to your entire contact list. Instead of sending out the same card or the same gift to everyone, take your time and do your research. For example, maybe you know your client has a large family, so you should mention that you hope that he/she enjoys time with their family this holiday season. Or maybe you know your client lives in Dallas, so maybe you send tickets to a Dallas Cowboys game or a gift card to a local restaurant. Personalizing your gift or card will mean that much more to the receiver.

4.)   Saying Thank You – Holidays can allow you to reflect on things, in your personal life and your business life. This is a great time to remember that without your clients, you would essentially have no business or maybe even a job. In this industry, everyone has their choices – from employees, employers, vendors, etc. It is always humbling to show your gratitude and thank your clients for choosing to work with you. Manners go a long way.

5.)   Something you should definitely keep in mind during your holiday outreach is that not everything should be a sales pitch. There is a time and place for business, of course, but every form of communication you have with your client does not need to pertain to your latest product line or possible upgrades. To have a true relationship, you need to be able to speak outside of the product/service you are offering. This might be the perfect time to get to know your clients a little more if you haven’t done so already.

So here’s to you — yeah you! Thank YOU for reading The Marketing Arm. We hope you enjoy the holidays and be sure to take the time to send your greetings to those who you surround yourself with!

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