Marketing and Brand Management Guide for the ARM Industry

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Marketing Matters: Brand Management Guide for the ARM Industry

Free downloadable report from helps ARM firms control their brand.

More than ever, ARM firms need ways to protect their good name online. Negative search results can wreak havoc with a company’s reputation and carry a high cost – loss of potential leads. We’ve prepared this Guide for ARM firms who want to get started with some basic brand management tactics, and also learn about core strategies that can preserve the reputation of their businesses.

What’s your ARM firm doing to manage its reputation?

Your Next Competitive Advantage: Web Marketing

It isn’t clear why good online marketing practice has failed to spread among B2B companies as it has in B2C markets. What is clear, however, is that ARM companies who supplement their sales efforts with great web marketing will find themselves with a solid competitive advantage during the sales process.

So, is your company struggling with its web presence or have you integrated the web into your sales process? It’s okay if you fall within the first group. Turning your website into a competitive advantage only requires a small shift in thinking, as well as the application of practices and behaviors that you probably have already learned as a consumer.

SEO is Critical for ARM Brand Management

There is a science to proper SEO. However, rather than dive into the technical complexities of Google’s search algorithm, let’s instead examine how ARM firms can use SEO to control their marketing messages, make their businesses more visible to potential clients, and leverage social media sites as powerful inbound link allies.

Download Marketing Matters and learn:

  • How to control your message with SEO
  • Why Social Media plays a huge role in SEO’s present and future
  • How your company can use SEO to its advantage to drive down negative search results
  • Download the paper for the full guide.

Getting Started: 4 Best Practices to Begin Tomorrow

1. Capitalize on what you’re already doing.

Does your company occasionally issue press releases? An easy method to increase the number of positive search results for your company is to get more positive info out there. Write short and simple PR headlines to improve search results. And don’t restrict your releases to new service offerings or executive changes; topics like a group of new collection floor hires (benefit to local economy) or an innovative employee incentive program (investment in people) are viable topics for press releases to boost your company’s public image.

To get the other three steps, download the paper – you’ll get actionable steps to immediately improve your firm’s brand management.

Michael Klozotsky

Michael Klozotsky
Managing Editor,

To download any of's free whitepapers or view on-demand webinars, log in or register for an account below.

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