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Katie Grzechnik Neill

General Counsel & Regulatory Editor at insideARM

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In her role as General Counsel and Regulatory Editor at The iA Institute and insideARM (iA), Katie Grzechnik Neill considers herself the legal and regulatory navigator for the consumer financial services industry. In her role, Katie keeps the industry current on what is going on in the legal and regulatory landscape through iA's news, helps guide industry initiatives as a Steering Committee Member of the Consumer Relations Consortium, and brought to life the iA Case Law Tracker, which lets industry members easily track the myriad court decisions that come out on a daily basis faster than it takes to grab a morning cup of coffee. 

Katie is also a proud military spouse and actively advocates for easing the burdens that military life places on professional and career-oriented spouses.

Posts Authored 304

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No More Circuit Split: Third Circuit Finds No Written Requirement in 1692g(a)(3), Overturns Graziano

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North Carolina Dep't. of Insurance: Collectors Must Offer Payment Deferrals to Consumers

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CFPB's Taskforce on Consumer Financial Law Wants to Hear from Debt Collectors in RFI

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Mass. AG Seeks to Ban Outbound Debt Collection Calls, Enacts Other Measures Amid COVID-19 Crisis

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NACARA Issues Message Amid COVID-19—Consumers, Contact Collectors; Regulators, Recognize Collection Agency Hardships

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Ohio Governor and Dep't. of Health Issues Stay at Home Order

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North Carolina A.G. Suspends Collection of State-Owned Debts Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

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Updates on N.M., W.V., Ariz. "Essential Business" Classifications

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CFPB Extends Time-Barred Debt SNPRM Comment Deadline

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ED Suspends Student Debt Collection Due to COVID-19

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Bill Banning Collection During Major Disasters Introduced in U.S. Senate

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New State Shelter-in-Place Orders, Non-Essential Business Shut Down Guidance (NV, CT, IL, LA, MA, MD, NJ, NY, OH)

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Confusion in Pennsylvania; California Orders State-Wide "Stay at Home" Order

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New York Temporarily Halts Collection on Medical, Student Debt Owed to the State

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Attorney's Abandonment of Cases Calls into Question His Adequacy as Class Counsel

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Several States Ease Collector Work-From-Home Requirements Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

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ERC Wins Sanctions Against Plaintiff and Plaintiff's Counsel, Court Awards Debt Collector its Defense Costs and Fees

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States Drop a Flurry of Consumer Privacy Bills, Following California's Example

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Complexity of Calculating Out of Stat Date Rears its Head in Maryland Court Decision

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U.S. House of Representatives Passes Amendment to FDCPA for Stronger Protection for Servicemembers