OGDEN, Utah - In today’s business environment, excellent Customer Service is vital for success. The leadership team at PDCflow recognizes the importance to strive for excellence in Customer Support and acknowledges that the people on the Customer Success Team are the cornerstone in moving toward that achievement.  With this in mind, PDCflow is extremely pleased to announce the addition of Matt Thomas to the Customer Success Team.

The addition of Matt as PDCflow’s Customer Success/Retention Specialist will continue to ensure new client’s experience a smooth and timely onboarding experience with PDCflow’s Compliance and Payment Software Solutions. His responsibilities also include providing personalized training for his assigned clients, and ongoing support as needed.

Matt is a recent graduate from University of Utah with a Bachelors in Economics, and with Matt’s expertise, PDCflow plans to evaluate and pin-point any pain points our customers experience when adapting to PDCflow’s Compliance and Payment processing software and look for areas where growth can be encouraged for our loyal customers.

His background as an Implementation Specialist at O.C. Tanner in SLC brings added value to his position as Customer Success/Retention Specialist. He successfully onboarded both small and large companies through a lengthy and very customized program implementation process.  He also played a key role in training users on O.C. Tanner’s program ensuring customers would get a good return on their investment.


When asked about the value he brings to PDCflow customers, he says “My experience at O.C. Tanner taught me what customers expect when choosing to use a software. They expect the software to add value to their business and they expect the vendor to be a partner in their success. I intend to become a partner with all of PDCflow’s customers and help them become successful.”

nother added bonus to Matt’s move to the PDCflow team in Ogden, Utah is a shorter commute which allows him to spend more time with his wife doing the things they love which include hiking, paddleboarding, cooking, and dancing.

About PDCflow

PDCflow is a cloud based, Level 1 PCI Compliant Accounts Receivables Automation System founded in 2005 located in Ogden, Utah. PDCflow streamlines payment processing and business compliance requirements with integrated solutions, which include, electronic document/invoice presentment, esignatures, electronic payment authorizations, and multiple payment processing options. For more information please visit: http://www.pdcflow.com/


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