GERMANTOWN, Md.Kaulkin Ginsberg is thrilled to announce the acquisition made by ABC-Amega, a global commercial receivables management firm headquartered in Buffalo, NY, of Long-Island area collection firm, SKO Brenner American. Kaulkin Ginsberg facilitated the transaction.

“This is not only a significant milestone for ABC-Amega, but it is also a homecoming, ”stated David Herer, Chief Executive Officer for ABC-Amega. “American in SKO Brenner American’s name references its roots as part of the American Bureau of Collections, which is the name that ABC-Amega was founded as in 1929,” added Herer.

American Bureau of Collections of Buffalo operated as a division of the American Bureau of Collections of New York until 1960, when Harvey L. Herer purchased the firm. Twenty years later, Stuart Brenner acquired the American Bureau of Collections of New York, renaming the firm to SKO Brenner American. Since then, and until now, the two firms have been operating independently.

Stuart Brenner, the CEO of SKO Brenner, added, “I have known ABC-Amega for decades, and I trust that they will carry on the work of SKO Brenner American to the highest possible standards. I am extremely grateful that Kaulkin Ginsberg brought this opportunity to the table, and made it possible to transition my business and to bring SKO Brenner American back to its roots.”

“We were thrilled to have been able to represent ABC-Amega in this acquisition,” said Mike Ginsberg, president & CEO of Kaulkin Ginsberg. “It was great to see these two stellar companies come back together. The clients will benefit significantly from ABC-Amega’s added capabilities and technological advancements. With Stuart Brenner and Jon Lunn’s leadership, the transfer of the organization and clients will happen seamlessly.”

When asked about Kaulkin Ginsberg’s involvement in this transaction, David Herer responded, “Mike and his team were a great help in identifying this opportunity and advising us on how to manage it. Their guidance not only shaped our acquisition negotiations, but it also supported our approach on how to integrate and service the new business.”

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