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Stephanie Levy is the Online Content Producer for She develops, writes and markets multimedia content for the Research Library and news stories for insideARM. Stephanie has seven years of journalism experience in web, television and print, covering everything from robots to dumpster-diving for beer (seriously). Stephanie has a Bachelors of Journalism in Radio-Television Journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia. Follow her on Twitter, @stephanie_levy, if you like debt collection news and Missouri sports.

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Bipartisan Plan to Privatize Tax Collection Hits Opposition

The study compared private collections and IRS collections during four consecutive six-month intervals. Taxpayer Advocate Service found that while private collectors collected more tax dollars in the first six-month period than the IRS, over time IRS collections were more consistent. Private collection agencies had six months of success, before drastically decreasing the dollar amount and percentage of available taxpayer dollars collected.


Social Security Halts Collection of Debts Older than 10 Years

The Social Security Administration announced Monday that it will immediately stop efforts to collect on taxpayers’ debts to the government that are more than 10 years old. This means the SSA will no longer seize state and federal refunds from people who had relatives who owed money to the agency. While the SSA will no longer seize federal and/or state refunds to pay for government debts past the federal statute of limitations, this does not have any impact on other time-barred debts on a state-by-state basis.


Debt Collection Vendors and Clients Hang in the Balance of CFPB Rules

In Monday’s Know Your Debtor, Linda Straub-Jones, Director of Market Planning – Compliance at LexisNexis, stressed the importance of understanding how the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau defines the “service providers” working within the debt collection industry. As of April 2012, collection agencies have to think of all suppliers, subcontractors and vendors that touch any consumer data as […]

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Debt Collection, Compliance Recognized as Top Jobs

U.S. News and World Report released its 2014 list of the 100 Best Jobs in America, and both debt collectors and compliance officers made the list. Debt collection was listed as the 57th best job to have, while compliance officers came in at number 54. What’s more, when looking at the top jobs to have in business, compliance officers made the top 10. Collectors came in just behind at number 11.

Which Statute are You Most Anxious about the CFPB Reviewing if it Audits Your Company Today?

Experts say these laws and regulations may be the top four areas you should expect the CFPB to examine during a collection agency audit. Fortunately, getting organized early can help avoid confusion when the CFPB asks to see your policies. That’s why we compiled the top questions and expert insight from our insideCompliance webinar into one user-friendly report, To the […]