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Mike Bevel

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Mike Bevel is an Editor for You can follow him on Twitter: @MikeBevel_iA. You can also email him about Charles Dickens, Shannen Doherty, Angela Lansbury, and "Murder, She Wrote." He lives, laughs, and loves in Rockville, Maryland. He is terrified of whales.

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Due Diligence

What Are Collection Agencies Doing About Due Diligence?

Compliance professionals, no doubt, are doing a lot of “I Told You So!”s. Their’s is among the toughest jobs in the industry: they’re not a profit-maker and they almost always have a hundred reasons why a collection agency can’t do something that the owner is convinced will make more money. So is the latest from the CFPB enough to get collection agency owners’ and operators’ attention?


Obama, Republicans, in Legislative Tug-of-War Over Over CFPB Reform

We can expect to hear more rhetoric from both sides in the ramp-up to the 2016 presidential elections. Democrats will want to focus the conversation on consumer protections — from reforms in debt collection to reforms in lending (specifically, yesterday’s story about payday lending). Republicans will focus largely on what they see as a regulatory body with no supervision, and will likely frame the conversation in terms of a need for smaller government.

InIn - 4 Steps to Internal Audits Downloadable Cover

Four Steps to Internal Audits for Collection Agencies & Debt Buyers

It’s Not Just Regulators Who Expect You To Audit for Compliance Your clients are expecting you to conduct various audits of your processes and procedures. An internal audit program is the firewall between your agency’s operations and potential non-compliant actions. But what exactly is an internal audit? And what are some best practices to consider […]


The FDCPA “is not a game, and its purpose is not to provide a business opportunity” says District Judge

“This case…goes beyond anything that the Court has seen. It represents a deliberate and transparent attempt by a sophisticated debtor to entrap a collection company into a technical violation. Even more problematically, plaintiff chose to bring this action even though there is a tape recording showing that the attempt at entrapment utterly failed.” — Judge Brian M. Cogan