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Mike Bevel is an Editor for You can follow him on Twitter: @MikeBevel_iA. You can also email him about Charles Dickens, Shannen Doherty, Angela Lansbury, and "Murder, She Wrote." He lives, laughs, and loves in Rockville, Maryland. He is terrified of whales.

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The Quarterly Review – Keys to Sustaining Revenues, Tips for Your BOD and Investors, M&A and CFPB Update

Regulatory and economic changes continue to have a profound effect on the way that credit grantors, collection agencies, debt buyers, collection law firms and vendors are running their own businesses. In many instances, compliance trumps performance across major market segments as the new age of regulatory oversight sets in while the economy continues to recover […]

From a recent Top Story, we learn that a case in California may dictate how collection agencies interact with consumers around call recordings. We wanted to check in with readers, via anonymous poll, to see what the widespread practice currently is. If you’re looking for insight into best practices around phone calls, voicemail, Foti, etc., we […]

Recording Phone Calls

Disclosures Likely Necessary When Recording Cell Phone Calls to Consumers in California

The plaintiff alleges an invasion of his privacy and a violation of California Penal Code. Verizon’s argument: the recording of the phone calls actually isn’t a violation since privacy wasn’t breached. The Court, however, appears to be siding with the plaintiff on this one, which could offer some operational clarity for collection agencies in one aspect of how they interact with consumers via cell phone.

UPDATED Capital One’s Terms/Conditions: Collectors Aren’t Necessarily Set to Visit Your Home

According to a variety of sources, Capital One is preparing to launch a team of suited collectors to visit people’s homes and offices in pursuit of missed credit card payments. The LA Times put it this way: “Credit card issuer Capital One isn’t shy about getting into customers’ faces. The company recently sent a contract update to cardholders that makes clear it can drop by any time it pleases.” Only this is not a recent update, and the credit card company claims its only using this clause in repossession efforts.