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Gina McNaughton

The McNaughton Group

Gina McNaughton is a recognized Debt Collection Subject Matter Expert (SME) with over 20 years leadership experience in the accounts receivable management (ARM) industry. She leads The McNaughton Group, a boutique consulting firm, which audits 3rd party debt collection agencies on behalf of Clients, provides internal operational audits/training directly to 3rd party debt collection agencies, and provides legislative support on credit and collection related matters. In addition, she is also a frequent speaker on Financial Literacy, and the owner of the Debt Collection LinkedIn Group, Debt Collection FDCPA—FCRA—FACTA—GLBA—TCPA—FTC & CFPB Regulations Forum, the place to discuss best practices & share information about important regulations affecting the Debt Collection Industry.

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How Engaged is the CFPB with the ARM Industry?

The mainstream perception of the CFPB is that they are partnering with the financial services industry to better serve and protect consumers. The reality is that while they may, or may not, be working with banks, lenders, and other financial services providers, their partnership with the debt collection industry appears almost non-existent.

The handling of an upcoming hearing on debt collection is a microcosm of the agency’s attitude toward the ARM industry.