Marketing Opportunities

You have many options today for marketing to your prospects. How do you choose where to spend your scarce marketing budget?

You certainly want a sizeable audience. You also want the right audience. You need an audience that is engaged, because it is well-documented that a person needs to see a message at least 7 times before they will take action. And you need a knowledgeable team to help you make the right decisions about how to get in front of that audience.

The insideARM team and that audience of more than 85,000 subscribers might be exactly what you have been looking for.

  • insideARM has more readership than any other ARM industry publication by a factor greater than seven. Visit the third-party site,, to prove this statement true for yourself.
  • has the highest web traffic of any site in the ARM industry (over 180,000 monthly pageviews).
  • The ARM insider, our daily news publication, reaches the majority of the industry decision makers (over 70% are Manager level or higher).
  • We do not purchase our lists so our readers are engaged and are required to double opt-in to ensure that their contact information is real and current. In addition, our Email Service Provider keeps our list current by removing inactive email addresses.
  • We have been in this industry for more than 14 years and our editors are writing original content on it every single weekday. We understand your business, your challenges, who your prospects are, what keywords are important, what the landscape of the industry is, and what the implications of certain actions can be.


Media Kit

Media Kit

Now that you know our audience and experience is a fit, see what we have to offer!

Simply download a copy of our 2014 Media Kit or contact us for a no-obligation consultation about your marketing goals.

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Advertising Packages

If advertising is a marketing route that you know you want to take, check out our packaged offerings! These packaged options come at a reduced rate and give you some additional freebies.

Simply set your campaign length and monthly marketing budget to get a list of the advertising packages and associated bonuses that are a match with your specifications.

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Individual Marketing Offerings

We offer a full range of inbound and outbound marketing services. The following is a list of marketing tactics we work on with clients on a consistent basis. If there is something that you need help with that is not included below, contact us because we love to be creative and would be happy to discuss your specific aspirations in order to develop a program that uniquely suits you.



Build your brand recognition amongst your targets through weekly website and daily eNewsletter advertising. Click here for more information.



Tie your name to a positive, thought-leading topic with limited effort. Sponsorship opportunities are constantly changing so contact us for more information on the latest offerings.



Gain direct exposure to new prospects by sending your vital message to the insideARM double opt-in subscribers. Click here for more information.


Press Release Distribution

Increase distribution within the ARM community by running a single press release or partaking in a yearly program.  Click here for more information.


Search Engine Optimization

Improve your website with specific tactics that will help it be more easily found via search.  Click here for more information.


Blog Space

Simply write content to be distinguished as a thought leader to your targets, to build credibility, to get noticed, and to enhance your reputation. Click here for more information.


Content Hosting and Lead Capture

Receive direct, qualified leads to follow up with by hosting your downloadable asset on Click here for more information. 


Content Creation, Hosting, and Lead Capture

Easily develop new and original content with the help of the insideARM team, and then use it to gain valuable exposure and generate qualified leads. Click here for more information.


Newsletter Development

Be seen as a thought leader to your prospects by sending a consistent eNewsletter, which is full of valuable and original content, directly to their inbox. Click here for more information.



Obtain valuable insights from your prospects and use that information to help grow your business. Click here for more information. Click here for more information.



Expand your access and demonstrate your knowledge to a captivated audience of your qualified targets for an extended period of time. Click here for more information.



Have lingering questions? Please contact:

Lindsey Walters
Client Marketing Associate


What Our Clients Say

“ has been an exceptional partner with DECA. We originally engaged insideARM for website and SEO enhancements and quickly noticed their capabilities and expertise in creating content. Their consultative approach led us to work in tandem to create a monthly healthcare receivables newsletter that we believe leads our industry in professionalism and substance. insideARM continues to consult with DECA to bring new ideas to us that will grow our business as well as make key market connections for us to expand our reach in the industry.”

John Owen, Director of Client Development, DECA Financial Services


“Once again, you guys do great – your email is killing the competition.”

Tom Fogarty, Media Buyer, Kelly, Scott & Madison


The best thing about’s webinars and about “Guaranteeing” Compliance: Better Hiring, Better Work Environment, Better Quality Management in particular is that they are conversational in nature, more of a dialogue and not a monologue. Not only are participants’ questions taken during the course of the webinar, they are answered while the topic is still being discussed and not “held until the end.” Follow up questions are also addressed in real time. Participants are also surveyed, and the moderators actually address the results of the surveys that are taken. The days of top-down, “I talk you listen” learning are over. If you want to experience “learning through conversation” as an alternative, the webinars from on timely and critical topics including regulation and compliance are a great way to go.

Joe Antonacci, Director – Training and Employee Development, National Asset Recovery Services (not a client; a webinar participant)


“You do your jobs well. I click on our ad every time I get an e-newsletter to make sure that the link is working and there has never been an issue. Sometimes you take it upon yourselves to change the size for the purpose of fitting it into a new slot “just to try something” and I love that. And this poll, asking me what I like and dislike for the purpose of improving yourselves. What a wonderful world it would be if more businesses were as concerned about their clients.”

Sean Keegan, National Marketing Director, United Recovery Systems, L.P.


I just want to let you know how happy we are with the relationship with Inside ARM over the past several months. Of all of the marketing campaigns we have undertaken at Persolvo, this campaign has been without a doubt the single most effective and measurable campaign we have done to date.

In starting the campaign with an industry survey, it allowed us to be more consultative in our sales approach and gather some extremely valuable and relevant data that confirmed many of our baseline assumptions through the responses provided by leading industry executives. With the help of your team in developing this survey, we received over 650 responses from creditors, collectors, debt buyers and legal recovery firms. Approximately 1/3 of those respondents asked for additional information and follow up, and we receive between 60 and 100 new leads each month as a result of the report downloads from the insideARM website. Our conversion rate on these highly qualified and interested contacts has been extremely high and the overall value for dollars invested in the campaign is both measurable and cost-effective.

I want to personally thank the team at insideARM for your commitment to making this campaign such a success and the suggestions and insight you all provided to shape the content focused approach that has been so effective. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.

Jeff Dickey, EVP Sales and Marketing, Persolvo Data Systems


“We’ve had a fantastic First Quarter and signed up many new clients. I attribute that success in large part to our marketing on”

Dennis Scholler, Lariat Software, LLC.


“I wanted to let you know that we had another successful drop! 91 conversions after day 1! What does do to yield these great results? Thanks!”

Adrienne Zulueta, Buzzgen


“I really do appreciate all your help. Most companies do not go the extra step these days. You always have for us.”

Mike Moore, CEO, Lonestar Turn-Key Systems, Ltd.