As COVID-19 impacts businesses across the country, many consumers have found themselves suddenly unemployed or facing reduced wages. This is a massive change and it requires collection strategy executives to reassess everything about their short- and long-term strategies. The most immediate being if and how they engage consumers to help resolve outstanding receivables and how they manage their operations. 

Many if not most assumptions have been overturned in the last few weeks. Plans and solutions that seemed sufficient very recently now seem completely ill-equipped to handle current circumstances. And conditions across the country are changing by the day if not by the hour.

That’s why insideARM asked three collection strategy experts for their best advice: What are the top four issues strategy execs should be thinking about right now to help improve conditions for their company, today and tomorrow?

Those experts include Terry Glidden, Associate Partner, Intelitech Group; Jon Daane, VP Sales & Marketing, TEC Services Group; and Michael Cassidy, Principal and Co-Founder, M&G Solutions. Download the whitepaper to read what they had to say.