Governments of all sizes and locations are owed money. In the U.S. federal government, citizens and businesses typically owe taxes, fines and fees. Consumers can also owe on federally-backed student loans, while businesses can owe on development loans. Several branches of the U.S. government have robust ARM operations, including the IRS and the Department of Education. On the state and local level, debts to the government can be too many to enumerate. From court fines and fees to sales tax to late parking tickets. An overwhelming majority of U.S. states, and thousands of municipal governments, have used private debt collectors to help recover their debts.

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AdobeStock--underverse--government-federal-contract Announces IRS Lawsuit & Promo on National Freedom of Information Day

16 March 2017


Organization Seeks Small Firms to Complete RFI for Federal Subcontracts, Tightens Membership Requirements

7 February 2017

Sen. Grassley Supports IRS Private Debt Collection; Says Mnuchin Does Too

26 January 2017


Multiple Protests Filed by Unsuccessful Participants in the Department of Education RFP

5 January 2017

FCC Denies MBA’s Petition to Exempt ‘Servicing Calls’ from TCPA

7 December 2016

How Will Arrests in Mumbai IRS Tax Collection Scam Affect Legitimate IRS Collection Contract?

10 October 2016


Treasury Department Moves to Hire More PCAs for Non-Tax Debts

6 October 2016

IRS Announces New Private Debt Collection Program, Four Collection Agency Contracts

27 September 2016


FCC Releases Rules Limiting Federal Government Debt Collection Calls

12 August 2016

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner Nixes Bill Connected to His Former Business Life in Debt Collection

9 August 2016

Did the FCC Even Consider the Thousands of Responses to its Rulemaking Proposal?

25 July 2016

Debt Buyer PRA Group Acquires Payment Portal eGov Systems

11 July 2016

FCC Rules TCPA Does Not Apply to Federal Government or its Contractors

7 July 2016

Student Debt Series from Reveal and Consumer Reports Highlights Disastrous System of Compound Interest

29 June 2016

SDVOSB Lien Enforcement Taps Penn Credit for Capital, Infrastructure Support

22 June 2016

ConServe Submits Thoughtful Response to FCC Request for Comments on TCPA Exception for Government Debts

16 June 2016

V&K Achieves Federal HUBZone Certification

24 May 2016

AdobeStock--James Steidl--bulletin-announcement-news-reporter-report

In Sheriff et al. v. Gillie et al. Supreme Court Provides Insight as to Intent and Purpose of the FDCPA

17 May 2016

EFC, NCHER, and SLSA Respond to FCC’s Proposal Restricting Effective Contact to Student Loan Borrowers

9 May 2016

FCC Releases Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Government Debt Collection Calls

9 May 2016