NEW YORK, N.Y. --, the leading Conversational Voice AI solution in the Account Receivable Management (ARM) industry, has announced a strategic partnership with SameDay Auto Finance, LLC., a Texas-based company that provides simple, quality service for their dealers and helps customers with auto finance needs. This collaboration has enabled them to modernize their collection processes by deploying’s Augmented Voice Intelligence Platform, which has accelerated their revenue recovery efforts. 

The solution allowed them to address concerns in reaching delinquent accounts and bridging the gap between output and agent scarcity by scaling their operations, broadening their outreach capabilities, and launching 24/7 campaigns. They have successfully dialed over 100,000 calls via the Voice AI solution achieving a Right Party Contact (RPC) rate of 36%, enabling them to offer their customers the convenience of making payments on their terms. This approach has led to a Promise-to-Pay rate of over 4%, demonstrating the platform's capacity to find and engage with the right customers and convert these interactions into firm commitments to fulfill payment obligations.

Commenting on the partnership's success Russell Warden, CEO of SameDay Auto Finance LLC. stated, "We've been able to drive actionable insights and optimize our collections process with this robust solution, Which has enabled us to engage with our customers at the right time, with the right message, simplifying the repayment process. Most notably, we've seen an increase in on-call collections and payments, which showcases our customers' acceptance of engaging with Conversational Voice AI in resolving their debt”.

"Since integrating’s Augmented Voice Intelligence Platform, we've seen significant improvements in our revenue recovery and customer experience. It has consistently enabled compliant communications with delinquent customers, irrespective of agent availability, and has scaled our outbound call volume," Warden further added.'s platform can enable agencies in the ARM industry to reach millions of customers efficiently and effectively. The solution is compliant, configurable, easy to deploy, and has the capabilities to navigate and resolve the nuanced challenges faced at the point of debt resolution as experienced by agencies like SameDay Auto Finance LLC. 

"Our solution successfully managed over 100,000 calls with a remarkable engagement rate of over 50%. This enabled SameDay Auto Finance to promptly address concerns related to connectivity rates with delinquent customers and staffing challenges. The partnership serves as a testament to our impact on the customer experience within the ARM industry and our team's adeptness in solving complex challenges and delivering tailored solutions." Stated Sourabh Gupta, Founder and CEO of

About SameDay Auto Finance, LLC:

SameDay Auto Finance is a Limited Liability Company as registered with the Office of the Secretary of State in Texas as well as the Office of the Consumer Credit Commissioner. SameDay Auto Finance founders bring over 100 years of combined experience in the area of Finance.The goal at SameDay Auto Finance is simple, quality service for our dealers and helping customers with their auto finance needs. 

About is the leading Conversational Voice AI company in the ARM industry, enabling collection agencies to streamline and accelerate revenue recovery.'s Compliant, Configurable, and Easy-to-deploy solution enables enterprises to automate nearly one million weekly consumer conversations. has been awarded several awards & recognitions, including Disruptive Technology of the Year 2022 by CCW; Stevie Bronze Winner 2022 by The International Business Awards; Gold Globee CEO Awards 2022. is headquartered in New York City, NY.

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