CHICAGO, Ill. and MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calilf.-- Halsted Financial Services places a high value on conversations its agents have with consumers. To maximize that value, Halsted has partnered with Prodigal to utilize Prodigal’s ProNotes solution to humanize each conversation and provide additional context for its agents both before and during calls.  

Prodigal’s ProNotes solution offers agents the ability to easily view 100 percent coverage of previous call notes. By enabling each agent with ProNotes, Halsted’s agents can enter any customer conversation equipped with the full breadth of previous conversations. ProNotes also keeps the conversation focused on the customer exclusively since the agent doesn’t have to hunt around for important context. 

Through those conversations, Halsted can keep track of trends in compliments or complaints. Utilizing ProNotes has provided insight into how consumers feel. With Prodigal’s ProVoice and ProNotes, Halsted is able to learn from the positives and negatives and gain insights about consumers’ sentiments and how its agents can continue to improve.

According to Halsted founder Pran Navanandan, “Over the course of our partnership with Prodigal, we’ve gained a sense for what makes a great conversation for both our agents and our consumers. Now, we can learn from the most successful and positive workflows and talk tracks and add those into Prodigal’s real-time actions tool, ProAssist. ProAssist helps our agents stay completely engaged in the conversation and lets them follow the best path to consumer happiness, which helps us deliver those superior experiences to every individual.” 

By focusing on the individual, Halsted can ensure they are treating everyone they speak with as a person who has something to contribute, not an account.  By partnering with Prodigal, Halsted aimed to learn as much as they could about the consumer experience. It’s a great goal to have; it means we’ll always evolve to match their needs. And that’s exactly what improving customer experience requires.

About Halsted

Halsted Financial Services is the expert in omnichannel collections. Headquartered just north of Chicago, with near-shore and off-shore captive sites, Halsted uses proprietary, state-of-the-art technology to run a single platform, omnichannel solution. At Halsted, voice, email, SMS, digital marketing, web chat, and a dynamic payment portal are wholly integrated into one system that updates events in real-time, giving consumers the flexibility to communicate with us when convenient for them and in the manner with which they are most comfortable. This leads to great customer experiences. Halsted has developed a reputation as a trusted business partner that achieves results while protecting the valued reputation of its clients. 

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About Prodigal

Prodigal is a cloud-based Consumer Finance Intelligence solution that analyzes agent and customer conversations to enhance profits, experience, and compliance. Agencies, healthcare providers, and lenders depend on Prodigal to unlock insights that drive win-win financial outcomes. With decades of industry and data science expertise, Prodigal is ready to work with clients to optimize operations and quality assurance. Nearly one in five U.S. borrowers have already engaged with Prodigal during more than 200 million interactions.

Headquartered in Mountain View, California, Prodigal’s global team is on a mission to build the intelligence layer that powers Consumer Finance. With the backing of domain experts, technology leaders, and top investors, including Accel, Menlo Ventures, and Y-Combinator, Prodigal is poised to become the next iconic vertical SaaS company. To learn more, visit or follow @ProdigalTech.

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