ROCHESTER, N.Y. --Continental Service Group, Inc., d/b/a ConServe, is pleased to announce that Michelle Hartmann, Vice President of Sales was awarded the 2021 COHEAO Commercial Member of the Year award by the Coalition of Higher Education Assistance Organizations (COHEAO) at their 2022 Annual Conference held in Washington, DC in July.

Michelle was appointed the Internal Operations Co-Chair, Communication Chair in 2021.


ConServe is a long-time member of COHEAO and strongly believes in COHEAO’s advocacies to preserve and improve campus-based programs, thereby providing students with access to Federal campus-based programs to help them achieve their higher education goals. Kevin Gelabert,

ConServe Chief Marketing Officer said, “ConServe’s involvement with National and Regional organizations provides us with immediate access to the latest information regarding Federal and state regulatory rules and updates. Michelle’s board position and dedication to her responsibilities reinforces ConServe’s position as a leading industry resource for our valued Clients and I commend her tenacity to always exceed expectations.”

Michelle oversees the training and management of ConServe’s Sales Team while exceeding Client expectations. Additionally, she has played an active role in supporting COHEAO’s efforts to improve networking and professional development through its conferences, webinars and task forces with a focus and has played an active role in growing membership. Michelle said, “It’s been gratifying to join the COHEAO Board of Directors to represent ConServe, campus business officers and finance professionals nationwide. I’m honored to have received this recognition from the COHEAO Board, and I take pride in supporting COHEAO’s many advocacies that influence positive change for their members, institutions and valued students.”

About ConServe

ConServe is a top-performing accounts receivable management service provider specializing in customized recovery solutions for their Clients. Anchored in ethics and compliance, and steadfast in their pursuit of excellence, they are a consumer-centric organization that operates as an extension of their Clients’ valued brands. For over 36 years, they have partnered with their Clients to provide unmatched customer service while simultaneously helping them achieve their accounts receivable management goals. Visit us online at:


Since 1981, COHEAO has served as a partnership of colleges, universities, and organizations dedicated to promoting student friendly, efficient operated campus-based loan and tuition payment programs. COHEAO members are dedicated to the preservation and improvement of the Federal Perkins Loan and HHS Loan Programs. COHEAO is an advocate for the sound regulation of student financial services operations and campus accounts-receivable manage practices. Visit COHEAO online at:

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