Show Notes:

In the last decade, the CFPB has tried to tackle the question of innovation through partnerships and No-Action Letters. First, there was Project Catalyst which resulted in very few collaborations and a small amount of No-Action Letters. Then there was the Office of Innovation which stood up the Compliance Assistance Sandbox which approved only 3 applications. Now the newly re-tooled Office of Competition and Innovation looks to continue these innovation partnerships but will it succeed? Nat Hoopes, VP and Head of Public Policy and Regulatory Affairs at Upstart stops by #creditecotogo to talk about the challenges of a regulatory partnership. While a No-Action Letter can offer a fintech or financial services entity an opportunity to “innovate in plain sight”, the time and available resources may not be attractive to many companies. For Upstart, the experience and collaboration with the CFPB was very positive but others may see that the juice is not worth the squeeze. 


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