EDMONTON, Alberta -- National collection agency MetCredit (metcredit.com) is pleased to announce the appointment of Kathy  Summerfelt as the company’s first Chief People Officer (CPO). 

The role marks Ms. Summerfelt’s return to MetCredit after a 22-year career with the Alberta government in finance and  corporate taxation. In her new role, she will focus on developing the company’s talent, customer acquisition and diversity strategy. 

“I’ve always known in the back of my mind I’d return to MetCredit,” Ms. Summerfelt says. “I realized my first day back how I  missed the excitement of being part of an energized work environment.” 

A collection agency is profoundly a people business, Ms. Summerfelt explains of her title. Despite layers of complex technology  for communication, efficiency and compliance, it is people who make everything happen, from engaging in telephone calls to  leveraging MetCredit’s unique Solution-Oriented Recovery™ techniques to help individuals and businesses in debt to plan strategies for becoming debt-free. 

As CPO, Ms. Summerfelt says her job will begin with HR and Recruiting, focusing on the “Human” in Human Resources. She will  then transition to working directly with clients and the company’s sales team members from Vancouver to the Maritimes.  

“Starting with HR and Sales leads the ‘people’ component,” she says. “I enjoy getting to know and working with the people who  drive MetCredit. As the Chief People Officer, I want to tap into the incredibly diverse and engaged work environment we have  at MetCredit, and build on those strengths. Whether it be team members or clients, it begins with the people.” 

Founded in 1973, MetCredit is widely recognized as a leading performer in accounts receivable management for many of  Canada’s largest telecommunications firms, financial institutions, retailers and B2B organizations. The company highlights its  diversity and talent on the recruiting section of its website through video interviews with real team members who share stories  about their often-surprising experiences and personal growth as professional debt collectors.  

“The culture of MetCredit is truly unique in the industry,” Ms. Summerfelt says, explaining that she hopes to leverage her own  experience and decades of insights to elevate MetCredit’s values and professionalism to an even higher level.  

“My goal is to bring maturity in building a team that raises the bar for the entire industry. When I say maturity, my vision is of a  knowledge base that’s miles above industry standards. I believe diversity and engagement are the key to tomorrow’s workplace. Once I move onward from HR, I will work closely with our sales and marketing teams and their inner workings. And  while it is great to bring on new clients, we won’t lose sight of the value of our current client base and how we can serve them  better.” 

Despite her lengthy career outside of MetCredit, Ms. Summerfelt is well-known to her team members as the spouse of  President and CEO Brian Summerfelt, who is largely credited for the company’s growth and culture to date. The pair first met  through their jobs at the company as novice collectors, and went on to raise a family together.  

Ms. Summerfelt says this partnership in life has ensured she has never been far from MetCredit’s pulse and evolution. “Our  goals are the same: we want a vibrant company where people enjoy working and our clients to be delighted with what we have to offer. We are both proud of MetCredit’s reputation as an industry leader. Brian is focused on the big picture, and I like to drill  down to the core of any situation. Two sides of the same coin.” 

As Chief People Officer, Ms. Summerfelt says she has found a welcoming place where she can position an already great company to achieve its fullest potential. “I feel like I’ve come home for good.” 

About MetCredit

With offices in Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto and Montreal, MetCredit is one of Canada’s top-performing national collection  agencies. The company is licensed and bonded to collect consumer and commercial debt in all Canadian provinces and territories, and in the United States through MetCredit USA.

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