EDMONTON, Alberta -- Metropolitan Credit Adjusters Ltd. (MetCredit) has purchased Affinity Credit Solutions Inc. in a made-in-Alberta acquisition.

MetCredit President and CEO Brian Summerfelt says the acquisition is about growth and timing. “Debt recovery is a specialized business where clients demand highly customized professional service. Adding Affinity expands our service base, depth and offerings while preserving the independence and strengths of each company.” MetCredit is a national debt collection agency with its head office in Edmonton, where it was founded in 1973.

Summerfelt says that while little will change for employees or clients of either company, the few noticeable differences will be very positive. “We’ll start Affinity on MetCares Program. Affinity staff will get to participate in other MetCredit incentives and team-building programs. “They’re part of the Canada-wide MetCredit family now, and it’s going to make us all better.”

Affinity clients will also benefit, Summerfelt says. “Affinity can now tap in to a very sophisticated and experienced IT and support team.” This is significant because of the industry’s ever-increasing demand for data security and privacy. “Because MetCredit has worked with banks, governments and large telecoms for nearly half a century, we are fully configured with the highest level of IT integrity. So Affinity’s level of sophistication moves up by orders of magnitude.”

Summerfelt adds that while the Canadian economy is experiencing its challenges, the companies have distinct client bases and both are in a growth phase. Businesses in Alberta are in heightened need of accounts receivable help in order to sustain positive cash flow through the economic slowdown. 

Affinity Credit Solutions is an Alberta-focused collection agency and will continue to operate independently of MetCredit. The acquisition of Affinity augments MetCredit’s market share in Alberta, in addition to operations in all Canadian provinces and territories through longstanding branch offices in BC, Ontario, and Québec.

Whereas MetCredit specializes in consumer debt collection services for large-scale organizations and government, Affinity has particular expertise in landlord and tenant debt collection and industry-specific commercial accounts. 

Summerfelt says that although new ownership is always a big change, the Affinity team is excited about the transition. “MetCredit and I are well known and respected throughout the collections industry. Everyone is enthusiastic.” He explains he has worked to achieve a smooth transition and a strong relationship with the previous owner, Ryan Corbett. “I want to thank Ryan, and I have no doubt we’re going to do him very proud.”

For more information, please contact Brian Summerfelt, President & CEO of MetCredit at 780-420-2377 or bsummerfelt@metcredit.com.

About Metropolitan Credit Adjusters

Founded in 1973, MetCredit is a leader in Canadian debt recovery and commercial collection. MetCredit is dedicated to providing professional, reliable service characterized by the highest ethical standards of conduct for over 45 years. MetCredit is proud to maintain the debt recovery industry’s highest success rates, with many large-scale client partnerships dating back several decades. With its one-of-a-kind online account submission tool and other proprietary technologies, MetCredit is regarded as a force for innovation on the Canadian accounts receivable management landscape. MetCredit reports delinquent accounts to Transunion, Equifax and Dun & Bradstreet as well as highly specialized regional credit bureaus in Canada.

About Affinity Credit Solutions

Affinity’s founding partners came together in 1996 with extensive industry experience and a unique philosophy. Consistent growth has allowed Affinity to brand those attributes into a recognized benefit for hundreds of Alberta clients and thousands of their customers. Affinity Credit Solutions has always provided reliable third-party collection services, built on a foundation of integrity, respect & performance.

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