SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. -- LiveVox Inc., a leading provider of cloud channel of choice communications solutions, announced LiveVox CEO will share with First Party leaders how cloud is helping solve for the challenge of managing multichannel consent by embedding consent management functions into existing agent workflows. In doing so, contact centers not only empower agents to meet customers on their channel of choice, but also establish a simplified path to evolving towards a digital strategy.

As a preview to his session, LiveVox CEO Louis Summe notes, “Businesses are facing mounting pressure to service a customer who is expecting more personalization than ever -- at a pace faster than ever. Staying in front of these expectations can be challenging, especially for contact centers who must align engagement strategies with customer consent preferences across multiple channels. In this environment, we believe agents hold the key to solving for both and I look forward to sharing how at this year’s First Party Summit.”

Louis Summe, member of the CRC council and EY’s 2018 Entrepreneur Of The Year Semi-Finalist, will speak on Wednesday, June 6th at 9:30 AM - 9:40 AM CT

In addition to multichannel consent management, LiveVox has developed a number of capabilities in 2018 to help contact centers adapt to an increasingly digital environment. These include:

  • Blacklist Management – Instead of seeking 3rd-party solutions that incur additional charges, LiveVox is now offering clients a pro-active path to managing LCIDs as part of the overall cloud solution. To learn more, read this blog.
  • Integrated Chatbots – Included in LiveVox's self-service solution, LiveVox has integrated chatbot capabilities that can be applied across multiple channels with a few clicks of a button.

LiveVox leaders will be at this week’s First Party Summit to share more about these solutions. To see them live, click here.

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