ROCKVILLE, Md. -- insideARM and The iA Institute are pleased to announce that it has given Director of Education, Mike Bevel, its first Master Facilitator award. Many in the industry recognize Mike’s voice – and his wit – from insideARM’s webinars and compliance peer group calls.

Mike joined insideARM in March 2011; in those six+ years he has organized and moderated 219 webinars, and since the launch of the Compliance Professionals Forum in 2015, he has facilitated 150 peer calls and in-person meetings. More than 55,000 have been in his “audience” over those years.

“More than just racking up the numbers, Mike has learned how to work with webinar speakers and sponsors to help them frame topics, prepare presentations, and respond to questions in a way that makes them look good and provides true value to the listener,” said Stephanie Eidelman, insideARM CEO. “He has also grown into a skillful facilitator who can encourage conversation among professionals who may not know each other very well, and/or may be reluctant to share information. He has often pulled proverbial ‘rabbits out of hats’ and earned this award many times over.”

Here are a few of the accolades Mike has received:

  • “Great presentation – and Mike’s moderation and asides always keep me listening!”
  • “Mike - you are great! I enjoy and appreciate your comments and feedback.”
  • “Mike will often ask the question I want answered, usually prefacing it with ‘This is just me being curious.’ Those are often the questions I’m also curious about, and it’s great that he can speak for me.”
  • “I’ve attended webinars I wasn’t necessarily the target audience for because I enjoy hearing Mike talk us through it.”
  • “Mike Bevel and insideARM always put on webinars that we find valuable and educational. They’re great resources in this industry!”

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