JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- ERC has always led the industry in our ability to remove the guess work from strategy development with a unique mixture of business intelligence and analytics. With proven methods and experience matched only by the future-forward technology we use to drive results, there is no guess work when it comes to delivering on our clients’ goals. With this foundation in mind, we are excited to welcome Todd Welch to the ERC family as our Chief Performance Officer.

We are pleased to have Todd join our team. Todd comes to us with over 20 years of experience working in very competitive ARM markets and has developed extremely complex strategies and models proven to win.

"The timing of Todd’s appointment lines up perfectly with ERC’s initiative to raise the bar on the PMT team FKA Business Intelligence Group. We look forward to the contributions and innovative ideas from Todd and wish him all the best!" – Marty Sarim, President and COO                            

In this role, Todd will move ERC’s business intelligence and analytics team from the historical function of analysis and data compiling to actionable items, hence Performance Management. Creating a Performance Management Team will allow for increased synergy within the Operation and further enhance our open dialogue with our clients.

“Performance Management is a step forward for business intelligence; leveraging ERC's vast analytical capabilities and data to dominate markets in more efficient ways.  Performance Management will not only drive top line revenue growth, but also intelligently utilize resources to provide maximum return. I’m excited for the evolution of the Business Intelligence Group into the Performance Management Team.  The wealth of knowledge and historical information will be leveraged to drive market share gains, which will increase recoveries, while strategic adjustments will make each action more productive.”  - Todd Welch, Chief Performance Officer   

Through fully integrated and detailed reporting, with a continual focus on innovating, we can count on the Performance Management Team to be fast and flexible. This think-tank environment allows us to apply high octane analytics to drive client performance through strategic insights and forecasts. Reshaping the landscape of internal strategic partnerships while offering full transparency to our clients is just another step in differentiating ourselves from our competition. Building our brand and paving the way.

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