Secure Bill Pay, a software-as-a-service solution that allows hospitals and clinics the ability to manage the entire patient payment process in a single web-based system, announced the launch of Capture 4.0, a powerful, more-intuitive version of their healthcare revenue management tools. Capture 4.0 delivers all the benefits of the previous versions of Capture and CaptureScan, plus a new, more user-friendly design and exciting new features to make the patient payment process quicker and easier.

One new feature, CapturePlan, allows healthcare organizations to process a payment and set up an automated payment plan, all in one step. Another new feature, CaptureAuth, allows patients to authorize providers to securely store their payment account-on-file for future transactions to be taken out automatically, eliminating the cumbersome billing and collection steps typically included in the patient payment process.

“With Secure Bill Pay’s Account-on-File, over 80% of patient pay is collected at time of service or automatically.  Without Account-on-File, over 70% of patient pay is delayed 30-45 days later,” stated Karen Hauer, President of Secure Bill Pay. “Our goal, always, is to increase cash flow and reduce A/R for our clients, and we think the new features in Capture 4.0 do just that,” she added.

Capture 4.0’s updated version of CaptureScan enables organizations to enjoy a simplified check scanning workflow at point-of-service and/or business office that includes remote deposit, images of both sides of check and real-time data.

Please call 866.610.9601 for more information on this recent software update.

About Secure Bill Pay

Founded with the premise that it should be faster and easier for healthcare providers to be paid, Secure Bill Pay’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) model streamlines the patient payment process in a single, intuitive system. Our goals are to simplify the healthcare revenue management process to keep the focus on patient care, reduce overhead, and improve revenue so healthcare organizations are financially strong. This is evidenced by our affordable, month-to-month subscription-based model, easy-to-deploy web platform, intuitive user interface, and comprehensive transaction management solution.

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