RevSource Solutions, a leader in online personalized payment solutions for the collection industry and healthcare, announced a partnership with CompuMail, a leader in collection letter solutions, to seamlessly integrate customers with RevExpress, increasing and accelerating online payments for collections and early out self-pay. RevExpress’ personalized websites provide a simplified approach for online payments and custom branded websites for customers and their clients.

“We have seen great success and proven efficiencies with current CompuMail customers taking advantage of RevExpress,” commented Chris Cochran, CompuMail sales manager. “By seamlessly integrating RevExpress with our current offerings, we are able to offer customers more efficient and effective methods to increase revenue with little to no change management, while increasing their bottom line.”

“CompuMail consistently creates and explores new technologies that improve the collections process and increase efficiencies” said Jason Rhodes, CompuMail sales manager. “As we have followed the increased productivity and proven results in revenue generation through efficiencies by RevExpress, we integrated with the most productive solution for online payments available today.”

RevSource Solutions, LLC headquartered in Muncie, Indiana has developed innovative and efficient receivables management and revenue cycle enhancement solutions. Clients representing market sectors include Healthcare, Collection Agencies, Law Firms, Charitable Organizations, and Membership Organizations. RevExpress utilizes secure, personalized websites to increase and accelerate revenue. The Company facilitates the management of payments, processing, remittance, e-mail confirmations, demographic data and insurance updates all in a single online solution.

CompuMail is a privately held corporation headquartered in Concord, CA, with mail production facilities in San Francisco, CA, and Trenton, NJ. Since 1992, we’ve been exclusively focused on providing unique collection letter solutions to agencies throughout North America. Our clients rely on us to help collect a variety of delinquent receivables, ranging from medical accounts and bad checks to student loans and credit card debts. But we never stop exploring ways to improve our service, ensuring that you increase your revenue, and reduce wasteful mailing expenses.

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