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Court Finds FDCPA SOL Accrues on Date Debt is Reported to CRA; FCRA Does Not Require Adherence to Metro 2 Guidelines

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Debt Collector Wins on Bona Fide Error Defense Where Dispute Letter Too Vague

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CFPB and NY AG Go After Hidden Assets of Now Defunct Debt Collection Scheme

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UVA Health to Cancel Tens of Thousands of Judgments and Liens

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BREAKING: 11th Circuit Holds Transmitting Data to Mail Vendor is Unauthorized Third-Party Disclosure

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CFPB has Busy April - Reaches Agreements for Fines and Penalties with Two Organizations

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ICYMI: New York DFS Settles With Mortgage Lender for Failing to Report Data Breach

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ERC Obtains 2 Dismissals in One Day; Court Criticizes Plaintiff’s “Cookie-Cutter” Complaints.

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New Mexico Law Targets Healthcare Collections

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CFPB Proposes to Delay Effective Date of Reg F for 60 Days

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5th Circuit Sides with Lexington Law: Affirms Decision Vacating $2.5MM Award to Debt Collectors; Finds Letters are Not Fraud

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No, the Facebook Win Does Not Mean TCPA Litigation is Over

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CFPB Report: Over 500,000 Consumer Complaints Handled in 2020

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CFPB Submits 2020 Report to Congress; Highlights Consumer Focus, Enforcement Actions

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FTC Provides Annual Letter to CFPB on Debt Collection Activities

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AMCA Enters 21 Million Dollar Settlement with States

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FTC Permanently Bans Collection Agencies From Debt Collection

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Does Sending Consumer Data to a Mail House Violate Third-Party Disclosure Rules?

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California Joins 11 Other States Seeking an End to Adversarial Relationship With Department of Education