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CFPB Backs Connecticut and California Bills to Prohibit Medical Debt Reporting

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General Counsel of the CFPB Delivers Remarks Focusing on Medical Collections and Tenant Screening

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Report Shows Credit Reporting Issues Dominate CFPB Consumer Complaints

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Third Circuit Adopts “Reasonable Reader” Standard for Evaluating Whether a Credit Report Is Inaccurate or Misleading

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California State Legislature Advances Amendments to California Consumer Privacy Act

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House Holds Hearing on Proposed Expansive FCRA Changes

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Federal Court in Texas Finds No Confusion Over Letter with Same Account Number for Two Separate Medical Debts

Photo of courthouse building with "judicial" written on it [Image by creator Natalia Bratslavsky from AdobeStock]

Spokeo Update: Ninth Circuit Holds that Plaintiff Adequately Alleged Article III Standing

Debt Collector Prevails by Using Safe Harbor Language on Letters in Current Balance Case

U.S. Supreme Court Rejects “Meaningful Attorney Involvement” Case

Men in suits shaking hands. [Image by creator beeboys from AdobeStock]

TCPA Defendant Settles Class Claims on Individual Basis Following Counterclaims for Harassment and Racketeering

Referee indicating timeout [Image by creator sixdays from AdobeStock]

Employers Beware: Ninth Circuit Finds Inclusion of Liability Waiver in FCRA Background Check Disclosure Form is a Willful Violation

Supreme Court To Decide Whether Financing Company Collecting Debts Is A “Debt Collector” Under The FDCPA

File drawer with one folder in focus, labeled "Court Decisions" [Image by creator tashatuvango from AdobeStock]

Requesting Attorneys’ Fees in Court Summons Does Not Misrepresent Amount of Debt

Eastern District of N.Y. Rules Fee May Be Collected with Principal Balance, Requesting Prompt Contact is Permissible