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Senior Attorney at Squire Patton Boggs (US) LLP

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Seventh Circuit Joins The Party: Another Circuit Rejects Marks And Holds A Random or Sequential Number Generator Is Required For A System to be An ATDS

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District of Maryland Joins Growing List of Courts to Reject Marks, Stays Case Pending Fourth Circuit Action

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District Courts in Florida and Texas Hold Random or Sequential Number Generation is Required Exactly One Year After the Ninth Circuit’s Troubling Decision

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California Debt Collector Hit With $267 Million TCPA Judgment After Jury Verdict

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Spokeo Has Teeth! 11th Circuit Holds Receipt Of A Single Text Message Does Not Confer TCPA Standing

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Southern District of Florida Stays Reyes Case Pending FCC Rulemaking

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Ninth Circuit Joins The Fourth In Severing The TCPA’s Government Backed Debt Exemption

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Northern District of Illinois Again Holds A Predictive Dialer Must Have A Random Or Sequential Number Generator To Be An ATDS

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Court Holds TCPA Plaintiff Plausibly Alleged That Defendant Exceeded the Scope of Consent

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TCPA’s Content-Specific Government-Backed Debt Exemption Struck Down on First Amendment Grounds

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Court Holds Arbitration Agreement Targeted To Medical Malpractice Lawsuits Is Ambiguous As Applied To TCPA Claims

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More Media Outlets Push Out Misleading TCPA Articles Following John Oliver Video

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District Court Finds Pro-Se TCPA Plaintiff’s Attempt To Pierce The Corporate Veil Plausible