OGDEN, Utah -- PDCflow is pleased to announce the release of the text box enablement feature on their patent pending eSign+ Payments service. The digital signature plus payment product will now offer customizable text fields with automatic character counts, adjustable text boxes, and adjustable font sizing. This new feature opens the use of the digital signature and document delivery service to a wide range of industries that require customers to type in their information.

PDCflow is already a great fit for businesses in financial services due to its ability to get an authorized signature on any payment or payment schedule to fulfill Regulation E requirements. Now the payment processing software’s eSign+ Payments product is even better suited for businesses that need to complete information on a contract or agreement with the added benefit of collecting a payment in the same workflow.

“Although the signature acquisition was designed as the legal authorization for a payment, many customers have requested the addition of the text box field on documentation so they can acquire more consumer input and validation,” says Matthew Snedden, chief operations officer of PDCflow. “We think this addition will round out our products nicely and provide another dimension of usage for our clients.”

Allowing customers to fill out forms conveniently through email or on a mobile device offers a level of technological convenience they have come to expect. Industries that will benefit from offering this convenience to consumers include:

  • Insurance agencies, for the collection of completed policies with payment
  • Law offices, for retainer contract and down payment
  • Property management companies, for signed rental agreements and deposit
  • Manufacturing, for purchase orders
  • Tax preparation services
  • New client sign up 

This document delivery software was built with the flexibility to set up workflows based upon individual business needs. For several years, eSign+ Payments has been used to deliver documents, digitally capture legal wet signatures, or receive signature authorization along with a payment. The new addition of editable text boxes makes the Payment Management System’s eSignature product a robust and versatile digital signature solution. It is ideal for any merchant looking to complete a contract or agreement with individualized information from their clients while streamlining their payment operations.

PDCflow is a complete Payment Management Solution that is simple, quick, and secure, so businesses get paid faster. The application allows multi-channel payments, payment authorization with eSignatures, and document delivery for small business to enterprise – all from one central platform. https://www.pdcflow.com/esign-payments/

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