GERMANTOWN, Md. -- Buying or selling a business can be a complex and intimidating process. In order to assist busy executives and their business development teams, Kaulkin Ginsberg has leveraged its decades of experience in advising accounts receivable management (ARM), revenue cycle management (RCM), and related outsourced business services (OBS) companies to produce a series of concise whitepapers that explore various aspects of the sales process. 

“The sale of a business is typically the single-most significant event in an owner’s business life, and our firm is positioned to help at every step of the journey” said Mike Ginsberg, president & CEO of Kaulkin Ginsberg. Mike went on to state, “These whitepapers are designed to aid decision-makers in taking their first steps towards selling their company or making an acquisition.”

Currently released whitepapers cover topics that include transaction pricing & earnouts, formal valuations, major steps to selling a business, and the thought processes of business buyers. In the future, Kaulkin Ginsberg plans to release whitepapers that explore sale preparation and strategic planning, among other subjects.

These whitepapers are complementary for ARM business owners and executives upon request. Please contact us at to receive your copy.

About Kaulkin Ginsberg Company

Since 1991, Kaulkin Ginsberg Company has provided critical strategic advice to the outsourced business services industry. Our client-centric approach covers almost every stage of a company’s life cycle and enables us to maintain longstanding relationships as trusted advisors. We provide mergers and acquisition advisory, strategic consulting, valuation and financial solutions, market intelligence and analysis, as well as litigation support and expert witness.

To confidentially discuss your interests, please contact us at or visit our website.

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