Optimize Collections Operations: Combat Call Blocking Technology and Improve Contact Strategies Description

Learn how collections companies have significantly improved their contact rates. For decades, collections organizations have largely relied on compiled credit bureau and demographic information for their contact strategies. However these methods typically emphasize quantity over quality, with stale data, major gaps in coverage—often as high as 40% of phones—and lack of any true insight into crucial phone behavior, like the best time to call to reach a customer. In addition, call blocking and spam-tagging are jeopardizing industry contact rates: as many as 20% of legitimate calls may be blocked.

Fortunately, companies can now leverage device behavior intelligence and caller name optimization solutions to create smarter, more effective contact strategies. Attend this informative webinar where Neustar will address new unique solutions for dialing strategies including: 

  • Proactive CRM data management, to fill in CRM gaps and optimize which phones to dial
  • Unique phone intelligence centered on activity and usage, to improve outbound dialing efficiency and right party contact rates
  • Insights into when phones are most active by day and by hour
  • Solutions to mitigate call blocking and spam mislabeling, and ensure consistent caller ID display
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