In addition to a shift in consumer behavior, the pandemic led to The Great Resignation. This affects the behavior of consumers, and makes a huge impact on your ability to recruit, hire, and retain good talent across all departments. 

In this session of “How the Pandemic Impacted Consumer Behavior and How Those Changes will Impact Your Operations,” Aleks Whitchurch (CEO/Founder, Quanta Credit Services), Tim Stapleford (President/Co-Founder, Spring Oaks Capital), Kelly Feoli (EVP of Operations, MRS BPO) and Tricia Wyatt (Director of Operations and HR, Bridgeforce) discuss:

  • How to connect with and truly value the employees you have, because your best recruitment tool is retention
  • Why flexibility is key to hiring and retention, and customer service
  • How to make sure the people you’re hiring have staying power

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